Benefits of Cloud Accounting Software Systems

There are several articles out there discussing the continuing growth of cloud-based accounting software and ERP systems. The financial benefits of this shift seem apparent for vendors in the accounting software industry––desktop programs are converted into cloud platforms, features are added and a one-time usage fee is replaced with a recurring, yearly revenue stream.

For businesses, an accounting software system that is hosted on the cloud adds an extra level of convenience not previously available. It allows employees to access the system remotely via computer, tablet or mobile device––this gives more travel-oriented companies an increased amount of accounting flexibility.

At G2 Crowd, reviewers have shown a particular interest in the move to cloud-based accounting systems. Hundreds of users mentioned the positive aspects of handling their accounting needs from the cloud.   

“I love the fact that this product is cloud based and built off the same platform as a great CRM system. Features are customizable and abide by much of the same rules that other products from this vendor maintain. This is a robust Supply chain and inventory management system.”A FinancialForce Accounting review (read the full review)
“Cloud capabilities are a must for business owners on the go. Xero has a strong reputation in the industry.”A Xero review (read the full review)
“Ease of creating and processing transactions is what I was looking for and it had to be cloud based as I travel. Being able to access this product on my phone and tablet are a real plus as I can post expenses on the go as well as run several reports. I know the feature exists but I’ve never had the call to create an estimate, invoice, or PO from my tablet but that’s a neat feature for those who are out in the field with a tablet.” A Zoho Books review (read the full review)

The migration of desktop accounting systems to the cloud appears to be happening quite rapidly. The majority of leaders in the accounting category on G2 offer a fully functional cloud-hosted system––additionally, all products that are High Performers are 100 percent cloud based.

Following the trend, users showed a strong preference toward accounting platforms in the cloud versus desktop systems.     

“Our previous ERP was not cloud-based, and was a “one man show” that could not grow/scale with us. This product isn’t even comparable––it offers everything my previous ERP did not, and then some. But, like anything, you get what you pay for.”A Netsuite ERP review (read the full review)
“I have not seen any significant updates or improvements in this desktop system over the past few years of using this product. I think they really need an interface revamp as the system looks old and outdated. I would love to see them improve their online platform to compete with other large vendors, as having a quick and accessible cloud based accounting system is our end goal.” A QuickBooks Desktop review (read the full review)

While cloud-based accounting systems are still relatively new, users have found success with these platforms. With increased automation, data flow and accessibility, the cloud offers tremendous upside for accounting software users. Based on reviews from actual users, G2 Crowd contributors are certainly enjoying life on the cloud.    

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