G2 Crowd Updated Market Presence Algorithm Announcement: Version 3.2

In anticipation of the Summer 2018 report release, G2 Crowd is updating the Market Presence (MP) algorithm on May 18, 2018.

The MP algorithm currently combines user reviews, publicly available data and third-party metrics to score products — more than 15 data points in total. The MP score controls the vertical placement of products within our Grid® and Segmented Grids® and is meant to measure product and vendor impact and influence within a category.

Why are we making changes to Market Presence? At G2 Crowd, we are committed to continuously improving our algorithms to better assist buyers in their decision-making processes. One piece of feedback we’ve consistently received from buyers is that they look for products that are targeted toward their needs, size and industry. The changes to MP will more accurately represent a product’s suitability for use in a specific company size segment, as well as the resources a vendor dedicates to a specific product or category.

In this updated version (v3.2) of our Market Presence algorithm, we made the following changes:

  • Segmented Market Presence scores will now measure both the scale of a product within a category as well as the degree to which the product focuses on a given segment.
  • Previously, in cases of vendor acquisition, we migrated all products to the acquiring organization upon completion of the acquisition. For the updated algorithm, we will continue to score metrics from the acquired organization so long as it maintains its own operations and branding.

More information on the MP score changes are in this FAQ. Also available is further information on the scoring methodology, as well as information on v3.0 and details about the Grid® in the v3.0 release announcement.

If you have any questions on Version 3.2, email us at research@g2crowd.com