G2 Crowd Updated Market Presence Algorithm Launch: Version 3

G2 Crowd takes crowdsourced data from users of B2B software and services and turns it into insights that make it easier for buyers to make informed buying decisions. We build a suite of reports from the data, using algorithms to rank solutions in categories and segments against each other. Those algorithms are built and maintained by our research data science team, and are updated on a regular basis.

The Grid® report and live-streaming Grid® graphic use two algorithms: Satisfaction and Market Presence (MP). The team has been hard at work on Version 3 of the Grid® algorithm for the past four-plus months, and I’m excited to announce that it is live on the site today!

What is G2 Crowd’s MP score and what did we update? Only the MP algorithm has changed for the Grid®. MP score is a measure of a product’s market share, influence and vendor size.

In v3.0 of the algorithm, we made the following changes:

  • Reduced the impact of number of vendor employees on the total score
  • Removed and changed the weighting of several data points
  • Moved from ~10 data sources to >15 data sources
  • Normalized the score by category and segment

These changes make the algorithm more accurate and provide buyers with a better representation of a product’s position in a category. The change to normalize the MP score in each category, instead of across the entire site, is a more precise illustration of the products in each category and in each category segment relative to each other. It provides an improved answer to a buyer’s questions about which product is the “best” fit for the individual business’ needs and requirements.

The change to include growth metrics now gives buyers a more informed picture of a product and its vendor’s standing not only today, but based on recent growth. Buyers should now feel more confident knowing higher market presence means a product has been growing over time.

More information on the MP score changes are in this FAQ. Also available is further information on the scoring methodology, as well as information on v2.0 and details about the Grid® in the v2.0 release announcement.

If you have any questions on Version 3, email us at research@g2crowd.com