The Journey to 250K Reviews

G2 Crowd is excited to announce that we have reached more than 250,000 verified, user-reviews!  In five short years, G2 Crowd grew from concept to the site that offers the most and highest-quality B2B software and services reviews in the world.

The growth of G2 Crowd has been meteoric. A mere 13 months ago the company announced that we had collected 100,000 reviews. In 2017 alone, G2 Crowd has amassed 121,070 reviews and we are on track to eclipse 180,000 reviews in the calendar year.

Each review on G2 Crowd contains 36 points of data, which means that buyers have access to more than 9 million data points. The power of the crowd offers enormous benefit to buyers.

However, not every review meets the high standards set by the company. To date, 32,947 reviews have been rejected by G2 Crowd for not meeting our verification standards. At G2 Crowd, we only accept reviews that will help buyers.

The availability of amazing, high-quality and free data is why people have spent more than 302,000 hours in 2017 reading reviews on G2 Crowd!

Isn’t it time you write a review on G2 Crowd?

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