Keeping Tabs: October 2015

It’s that time when G2 brings you all the important tech resources and newsmakers to your browser. Check out the links below for advice on building a minimum viable product and launching your idea, an inside look at the failed cleaning service, Homejoy, and a smathering of advertising news and advice. As always, funding announcements and buyouts are at the bottom of the list. And, make sure to catch up on September, in case you missed it.

Endpoint Protection

—The endpoint protection market is experiencing a period of startup growth and reconsolidation.


—A guide to gif-making.
—How Square Cash was designed without design.

MVP and Product Launch

—A guide to breaking down an idea into a business plan to create a product.
(image from
—Tackling the product launch and addressing risk.


—Should you outsource your content marketing?
—Increase conversion by taking advantage of these human cognitive defaults.


—A profile of the failed home cleaning startup, Homejoy.


—How much is a “social media influencer” worth to an advertiser?
—The beginning of October saw AdWeek gather advertisers and marketers in New York. Here’s a recap!
—Some internet rebels will only sell manually selected and placed ad content.
—Twitter offers the capability for marketers to place six-second video ads on the social media site.

Tech Media

—Profiles of recent viral tech, like Yo and Ello.

Venture Capital and Funding

—Mattermark releases its Q3 report, finding VC funding in the last year has consisted of far larger (dollar-worth) but far fewer overall deals.
Economic Impact of Venture Capital.
Alteryx, a business intelligence product, raised $60 million in order to improve market presence and advance its product offering.
Bit9, an endpoint protection provider, raised $54 million in its latest round.
EverString, a predictive analytics and demand generation platform, raised $12 million to expand its team and offering.

Buyouts, Mergers, and Corporate Shenanigans

Atlassian breaks its flagship product, JIRA, into three separate products based on use case.
—AOL purchases Millennial Media, a mobile ad agency, for $238 million.
Red Hat announced the purchase of Ansible, a build automation program, for more than $100 million.
BIME Analytics, a business intelligence platform, was sold to Zendesk to enhance the help desk product’s reporting.