The 20 Most Loved Products on G2 Crowd

When we think of love at G2 Crowd, the first thing that comes to mind are software and services products – as we are sure that is the first thing you think of too. In honor of Valentine’s Day we thought it would be really fun (and interesting) to look at how many products on G2 Crowd have reviews that include the word “love”. Below is our Valentine’s Day gift to you.Love,

G2 Crowd

Products with the Most Love

HubSpot 177 reviews with love mentioned

At the moment, my absolute favorite feature of HubSpot is the list building tool. It makes segmenting our contact database super simple and I also find the exports helpful for reporting. I also love, love, love that it integrates with Salesforce, GoToWebinar, and WISTIA (all of which are crucial sales and marketing tools at my company). – Read the full review

Pardot 107 reviews with love mentioned

The email and automation capabilities are simply awesome, without being overly complex. My marketing colleagues love the segmentation & landing pages, the sales department loves the real-time insight into what their prospects are doing, and the customer engagement managers love sending personalized, 1-to-1 emails to their clients. – Read the full review

Gmail 105 reviews with love mentioned

I love their new mobile app version. It’s so clean and intuitive. I love the new sections too that keeps my e-mails organized. I’ve used them all, hotmail,,, and Gmail is the best one that exists. I love the auto-responder solution, I love the tabs and the ability to organize my e-mails and allows me to respond, forward and do group e-mails. – Read the full review

DocuSign 79 reviews with love mentioned

I love the tracking features; being able to see when an envelope was viewed or edited is a huge assistance in following up with recipients. – Read the full review

Dropbox 75 reviews with love mentioned

I love love love Dropbox. – Read the full review

Certify 63 reviews with love mentioned

I love how easy it is to organize your expenses. It’s nice being able to quickly search through old expenses for reference. I especially love the shortened wait time for payment! I love the mobile app to quickly snap a picture of the receipt and save it. – Read the full review

Nimble 61 reviews with love mentioned

I love that I can monitor the social media information of my contacts and build relationships based on this. I also love that all of my interactions are saved in a convenient tab. – Read the full review

Skype 44 reviews with love mentioned

I love the group chat feature and that I can sync my convos to my iPhone for when I’m away from my desk during the work day. – Read the full review

Salesforce CRM 43 reviews with love mentioned

It is so much easier to track your calls! I love that I can measure, analyze, and track what forms of communication I am using with my clients. I love having everything I need in one place instead of having to use multiple applications. – Read the full review

Evernote 38 reviews with love mentioned

I love how the system operates and with the pro account things only get better! – Read the full review

PipelineDeals 35 reviews with love mentioned

I love the simplicity of the interface and its incredibly easy to use. – Read the full review

RightSignature 32 reviews with love mentioned

I love that I can upload a prepared contract, then add the signature and text boxes to it where necessary, assign these to specific people and send it off. I also love the ability to download the signed PDF to my computer for future reference if needed. – Read the full review

Wrike 31 reviews with love mentioned

I love so much about Wrike! But probably my favorite aspect is that the learning curve isn’t high…unless we want it to be. – Read the full review

TeamSupport 28 reviews with love mentioned

I love the reporting features. They’re easy to set up, and I can get the metrics that I need in no time! I also love the new “add a contact” feature! – Read the full review

Raven Tools 27 reviews with love mentioned

We used raven tools as part of our content marketing offering, our clients loved the ease of the reports and that they actually understand the reports. – Read the full review

Marketo 26 reviews with love mentioned

I love that Marketo is clearly designed to make marketing easier. I love that our emphasis has gone from how to make programs work to how to make better programs. – Read the full review

OutMarket 25 reviews with love mentioned

I also love the news release feature (enables me to get my word out so much better than before) and the ability to easily put out a monthly enewsletter to my email contacts. Love that! – Read the full review

Sprout Social 25 reviews with love mentioned

I love Sprout. Seriously. It helps me plan my messages out for weeks and helps me keep track of responses, replies, tweets…I hope to be with them for a LONG time yet – Read the full review 24 reviews with love mentioned

I love the ease of use without having to devote much development and engineering hours. I was able to configure the system right away and love using the customization options available such as rules, macros, and of course business insights. – Read the full review

Chrome 23 reviews with love mentioned

One really cool feature that I love is the ability to search by voice. In regards to this feature, you don’t need plugins such as Adobe Flash to have it work. Another cool capability is that Chrome lets you run Web Apps you get in its web store. I think the browser is pretty inventive to say the least. Also, love the fact that there’s built in flash and Pdf support. – Read the full review


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