Top 5 Solutions14 Exhibitor Products, listed by user Satisfaction

When we published our first GridScape last month for the Dreamforce conference, we had only an inkling of an idea of the usefulness that a guide for conference vendors, ranked by customer satisfaction, would provide attendees.

This time, our GridScape covers vendors and sponsors of the Solutions14 Conference, hosted by The Sleeter Group. We plugged the nearly 100 sponsors – and their products – into a single Grid. Below is the result of data from more than 500 reviews.



As of publication, here are the top five vendors at Solutions14, ranked by user satisfaction:

1) ZenPayroll

2) Expensify

3) Harvest

4) Freshbooks

5) QuickBooks Desktop

As the conference continues through Wednesday, November 12, we encourage you to post your reviews of products exhibited at the conference to see the Grid update in real time!

(NOTE: You can read more about our GridScape for Solutions14 on Accounting Web)

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