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What Happens After You Submit a Review?

At G2 Crowd, we have some pretty high standards when it comes to reviews. To be the #1 resource for software buyers to find the right products, our site has to have the most helpful peer insights contributed by those who know these products best: the users.

Want to add your software expertise to the world’s leading business software review platform? Your review, like the thousands of other reviews submitted on G2 Crowd, will go through a three-step approval process. Here’s how it breaks down:

1. Your Review Goes Live

We’re committed to transparency and allowing your voice to be heard. So once you hit submit, your review immediately goes live on our site (after a quick check from our algorithms to make sure you’re not an employee or competitor of the product you’re reviewing). We don’t edit your review, and anyone on G2 Crowd can see it as soon as it’s submitted.

2. Our Team Validates Your Review

The first way we validate is by requiring you to sign in with your LinkedIn profile to be able to submit a review. This helps us ensure that you’re a real professional contributing a real review based on your first-hand experiences. But we don’t just stop there. An actual human checks every single review that’s submitted on our site.

We check your profile as well as the content of your review to make sure it contains your genuine feedback, we give it our “stamp of approval.”

3. Your Peers Weigh In on Your Review.

G2 Crowd users have the ability to upvote or downvote your review based on its helpfulness. This keeps the community in control of the reviews, so the most valuable reviews and helpful contributors are recognized for their insights.  We also encourage any G2 Crowd user to contact us if they see a review that they think needs another look.

We want to make sure that every review our users see will help them make the best purchasing decision for their company. That’s why we go to such great lengths to ensure the authenticity of every review on our site. So go ahead and leave a review for your favorite product, and know that it’s in good company.