Application Performance Management Vs. Network Performance Management

When a program or network crashes, it’s never a good thing. It’s frustrating for users and, in turn, frustrating for you. You want to be able to assess these issues before your users even experience them, but, more importantly, you want to know WHY they are happening.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as testing the performance of your program. You have to think of what exactly you need to test. There are different avenues you have to choose when deciding how you want to conduct performance management. More specifically, you are going to have to decide if you want to focus on the entire network or specific applications.

There are two different types of software you can use to get performance metrics and be alerted to possible problems: application performance management (APM) and network performance management (NPM). These tools have very similar names, but they do serve slightly different purposes. We broke down some of the key differences of the two options.

Application Performance Management

APM is more for the application-specific users. APM software will help you find flaws and issues in your app before your users ever experience them. It looks at everything from how fast your users are retrieving information to how fast transactions take to complete. APM does this by using agents that live in the application. Also, after an APM identifies any issues, it will provide metrics in a variety of data visualizations.

If a business wants to be able to better monitor and understand their applications, an APM software is the solution. An APM software is the easiest way to get specific analytics on specific applications versus just looking at the whole network. This software gives you the root issues in code that may be happening in specific applications.

Network Performance Management

NPM, on the other hand, tracks the performance of a computer network. An NPM software, like Wireshark, looks at everything from issues with the server to response time, reliability and traffic. It’s essentially an overall way to monitor your entire network while gaining more accurate insights on its performance.

An NPM software is for the businesses who want their IT team to be alerted when their network crashes and want to receive data on their networks’ performance. An NPM will most likely not be able to tell you why a specific application is not working.

Again, an NPM software tells you why the full network is not working, whereas an APM tells you why a specific application isn’t working. Choosing which software is right for you may be just as easy as knowing if you want specific analytics or overall analytics.

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