How Mobile POS Tools Helps Small Businesses

Businesses may find themselves in locations where traditional point of sale (POS) systems are cumbersome or hard to use. Trade shows, festivals and outdoor markets are a few of these places. However, consumers still expect convenient payment methods no matter where they are. Mobile POS software can go where standard POS systems are unable to operate and function on devices … Read More

Billing vs Subscription Management

Every business needs billing software to automate the process of sending out invoices. Billing software tracks customer invoices, sends reminders when bills become overdue and makes it easy for customers to make payments. Subscription management software is similar, but focuses on sending recurring bills for subscribed services. Whether a company needs billing software or subscription management software depends on the … Read More

How to Sign Documents Electronically

E-signature software lets users collect digital signatures, reducing the need for paper documents. These programs expedite transactions and serve as an alternative to physical contracts and paperwork. E-signature software benefits brands that want to go paperless and comes equipped with security features that keep signatures and sensitive documents safe. Some of the most popular digital signature tools include eSignLive, Adobe … Read More

The Future of CPQ and E-Commerce Technology

Guest post written by Thomas Plocher, CMO, KBMax What does the future of CPQ and e-commerce platforms implementations and technology look like? CPQ and e-commerce are about to fundamentally change. They are becoming a complete configuration, selection and buying experience by leading customers through the decision-making process showing them a model of the product they are putting together. Over the … Read More

POS Tools That Work for iPads

POS systems are an essential tool for brick and mortar businesses. It enables cash and credit card transactions and collects customer payment details. Many merchants have swapped bulky cash registers for iPad POS systems in recent years, which accelerate point of sale management. This equipment provides businesses with a remote solution for collecting payments and can be used at trade … Read More

I know I need an e-commerce platform, but how do I choose the right one?

You are ready to sell your products online. But there are so many options. How are you to know where to start? Choose the right e-commerce platform by first evaluating your business needs. Are you looking to sell through catalogue and online, or would an online-only option work? Do you have a storefront, or are you just focusing on an … Read More

Can E-mail Marketing Software Help Reach My Customers?

You’re checking out at a small retail shop in a nearby town. There is a paper book by the register with a list of emails. The clerk asks you for your email address. You wonder if you will ever come back to this shop, so you hesitate, but you found a lot of interesting gifts for family members, so you … Read More

What Is POS Software and How Does It Benefit a Business?

Point of sale (POS) software allows companies to accept payments from customers. Almost all brick-and-mortar businesses use this kind of software, as customers today expect to be able to pay for goods or services using a debit card, credit card or mobile payment. Some point-of-sale software even offers additional features, such as inventory tracking and collecting customer information. Why Use … Read More

What Is Product Information Management Software?

Product information management software helps businesses promote and sell products across various distribution channels. These programs centralize data that supports product identification and catalog management, streamlining inventory control and order fulfillment. The software provides businesses with an extra pair of eyes and ears when managing and distributing products, and generates a substantial investment return. Some of the most widely used … Read More

What E-Commerce Software works for my business? 

Your business is ready for online sales, but is it as easy as connecting to a payment system and accepting credit cards? It could be, but it also could include creating an entirely new website, using tools that can track customer information or creating an online catalogue to give customers better product and pricing information. With e-commerce software, the options … Read More

How E-Commerce Platform Software Benefits a Small Business

An e-commerce platform software can be beneficial to any business, giving it the power to change everything on the front and back end. With the right software a business can even build a website without knowing how to code at all. For small business owners, such hands-off solutions are worth their weight in gold. If there weren’t already plans for … Read More

What Are the Differences Between Hosted and Self-Hosted E-Commerce Platform Software Options?

More than $89 million was spent online in the fourth quarter of 2015, with e-commerce revenue making up 7.5 percent of total retail sales. Just as brick-and-mortar merchants need a good storefront to lure customers to their store, digital retailers require effective e-commerce platform software. This technology facilitates the creation of digital storefronts to buy and sell  goods and services … Read More

E-Commerce Platforms’ New Implementation Ratings

Online shopping has become increasingly more common as many companies have created online marketplaces and customers have begun to do more of their shopping via the internet. For any company choosing to sell its products online, especially those who do so exclusively, the e-commerce platform tool it uses plays a major role in the success of its online sales. For … Read More