Customer Service Sets the E-Commerce Standard

Online shopping has evolved from a luxury to a necessity, with 69 percent of adults in the U.S. shopping online at least monthly, and 33 percent shopping online every week in 2015. As consumers rely more heavily on online retailers for their purchases, it’s critical for businesses to have a reliable e-commerce platform to act as a digital showroom and … Read More

Point of Sale Software Vies for Stability

Point of sale (POS) software offers people a new level of convenience when processing electronic transactions in a wide array of locations. However, in a report of more than 150 user reviews of POS software, the most frequently mentioned concern from reviewers was a lack of reliability. Reviewers of nearly every product reported bugs, freezing, or crashing of the software … Read More

SMBs in E-Commerce: Balancing PCI Compliance and Conversions

Are integrated payment gateways becoming overcomplicated? Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) tend to think so, and they’re migrating to cloud based alternatives because of it. G2 Crowd recently released its first online payment gateways Grid℠ Report exploring the perspectives of e-commerce store owners, developers, and other business-side users. The report is a general survey of user satisfaction across most … Read More

Boosting Business Productivity with E-Signatures

Whether you’re a small business or a big Fortune 500 company, chances are you have experienced the paper problem. Let’s face it: paper slows down a business and its employees. Paper-based processes can lead to errors, are expensive and distract employees from focusing on value-added activities. Today’s organizations need to be agile and are embracing digital-enabling technologies, like e-signatures, to … Read More

How to Balance Customer Advocacy and Employee Advocacy

Brand advocacy software tends to be focused on either employee advocacy or customer advocacy, although there are a small number of products that provide platforms for both employees and customers. Many companies find themselves focusing on one aspect of advocate marketing or the other when it really shouldn’t be an either/or situation. Companies that care about leveraging their supporters to … Read More

How Can an E-Commerce Platform Improve a Company’s Sales?

Sixty-nine percent of the U.S. population shops online at least once a month and consumers spend an average of $114 on each order, according to research, making e-commerce platform software a lucrative way to boost revenue. Customers can order products electronically without having to visit a brick and mortar store and have their products delivered to their home. Today, companies … Read More

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Four E-Commerce Functions That Improve The Buyer’s Experience

As the B2B e-commerce space continues to expand, companies are finding it more difficult to provide the optimum e-commerce experience to meet buyer needs. Consumers expect personalization and seamlessness throughout the entire buying process. Optimizing these processes, and others, is becoming increasingly important as consumer expectations continue to grow. Based on insights from real users of e-commerce software, here are … Read More

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Software Suite: Time to Spring Clean Your Solutions

There’s a reason Marie Kondo is all the rage; most of us can’t seem to get away from clutter. For businesses that clutter can come in the form of extraneous software. As companies grow, many invest in software programs one by one, winding up with a mess of incompatible tools. You might start off by purchasing payroll software and eventually find … Read More


Improved point of sale (POS) software has transformed the business world, offering new payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Gone are the days when it was too expensive and complicated for sole proprietors to accept credit and debit cards. With today’s technology, anyone can easily transition to cash-free sales. Millennials Moving to Mobile Payment As more consumers transition to … Read More


Payment gateway software facilitates credit card and direct payments for online businesses. Used by retailers who want to authorize payments on websites and e-commerce stores, these platforms make single and recurring payments as well as refunds possible, allowing sellers to accept money in various currencies and manage funds just like brick-and-mortar stores have done for decades. Payment Gateway Software Payment … Read More