5 Benefits of Listening to Your Customers

We know that Steve Jobs never asked his customers what they want. Mark Cuban doesn’t recommend it either. Many business owners think that asking customers about features they want to see in their product is pointless. After all, no one knows better than the owner, in which direction a company should go. Plus, your customers don’t really see the value … Read More

3 Ways I Use G2 Crowd to Improve My Own SaaS Product

As the VP of Product at SnapApp, an interactive content creation platform for marketers, part of my job is to gain as much insight into our customer user experience as possible. I do this by reviewing feature uses within our platform, hopping on calls with customers, and regularly meeting with our customer success team. But another really helpful source I … Read More

How to Balance Customer Advocacy and Employee Advocacy

Brand advocacy software tends to be focused on either employee advocacy or customer advocacy, although there are a small number of products that provide platforms for both employees and customers. Many companies find themselves focusing on one aspect of advocate marketing or the other when it really shouldn’t be an either/or situation. Companies that care about leveraging their supporters to … Read More

10 Free Tools for Your CAD Toolbox

CAD software and related tools can come with a steep price tag. Some companies or individuals may only need a tool for occasional use to supplement software they already have. Small businesses, freelancers, students, or individuals outside the office may not be able to afford expensive products. Fortunately, many CAD-related tools are open source or offer free editions. Take a … Read More

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Four E-Commerce Functions That Improve The Buyer’s Experience

As the B2B e-commerce space continues to expand, companies are finding it more difficult to provide the optimum e-commerce experience to meet buyer needs. Consumers expect personalization and seamlessness throughout the entire buying process. Optimizing these processes, and others, is becoming increasingly important as consumer expectations continue to grow. Based on insights from real users of e-commerce software, here are … Read More

spring cleaning - software suites

Software Suite: Time to Spring Clean Your Solutions

There’s a reason Marie Kondo is all the rage; most of us can’t seem to get away from clutter. For businesses that clutter can come in the form of extraneous software. As companies grow, many invest in software programs one by one, winding up with a mess of incompatible tools. You might start off by purchasing payroll software and eventually find … Read More

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Customer Experience Builds Loyalty. Loyalty Builds Value.

Customer experience is about your customers’ entire journey with your company, product or service over time. When that total experience feels authentic and creates a truly personal, emotional connection, it builds loyalty. And loyalty builds value. Customer loyalty is worth building. Loyal customers spend more money and often provide powerfully effective free word-of-mouth advocacy for your company’s products or services. … Read More

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7 Steps to a Perfect Date with Your Customers

This Valentine’s Day, how will your business say “I love you” to the most important person in your life: your customer? In many ways, a successful relationship with your customers is like a successful romance. They want you to notice little details about them. They love it when you do thoughtful things (especially without any prompting). And if they think … Read More