Keeping Accounting Data Safe

Accounting data contains some of the most confidential information about a business’s operations and clients. It’s imperative to keep accounting data safe no matter what accounting software a business uses. Use these tips to keep accounting data safe all year round. Have a Contingency Plan Before taking any steps to secure accounting data, it’s important for companies to establish a … Read More

The Importance of Industry Specific Accounting Software

Introduction The last couple of decades have seen a considerable increase in the demand for computer software packages that are designed to meet a specific industry need. Not unlike the subdivision of the labor market, we are entering an era of hyperspecialization. The division of work into smaller tasks performed by more specialized workers has resulted in productivity gains that … Read More

A Four Step Strategy to Address Data Migration Challenges During an ERP Implementation

INTRODUCTION In today’s business environment, every critical function an organization undertakes is increasingly reliant on information that is accurate, timely, complete and integrated. Consequently, the processing of raw data into an organized, structured and contextual format is one of the highest priorities in business. When we consider that inaccurate data has a direct negative impact on the bottom line of … Read More

Where to Start with ERP Implementation

An ERP software system is an extremely powerful business tool. They are comprehensive packaged software solutions, whose capacity for integration, create a fully automated business environment. In fact, their prominence in this market has made them the industry standard for the replacement of legacy systems. However, the many benefits available to businesses with the implementation of an ERP system must … Read More

What to Ask Vendors About Implementation Before Selecting an ERP

The purpose of an ERP system is to maintain and enhance an organization’s competitive advantage by linking the various business units into an integrated, cohesive single system. This integrated information system greatly enhances an organization’s ability to generate accurate and meaningful information in a timely manner, critical for making intelligent business decisions. Consequently, the selection and implementation of an ERP … Read More

Questions Companies Should Ask Themselves About Implementation Before Selecting an ERP

There are complex challenges today facing many businesses, whether global or local, and these challenges are expected to grow in intensity and complexity. One of the ways many businesses have chosen to respond to such challenges is with the implementation of company-wide systems called ERP systems. In fact, ERP’s widespread acceptance by business is a testament to its efficiency  at … Read More

Does accounting software replace my financial team?

You keep hearing about accounting software in blogs and articles. It sounds too good to be true – software that can help keeping your books balanced and in check? But what about the team of people at your company that you rely on? Does this accounting software replace them or cause them to worry about their role in the organization? … Read More