G2 Blog Week in Review, Sept. 30, 2016

    Accounting software is trending towards cloud-hosted systems and G2 Crowd reviewers are taking notice. We point out reviews that highlight this trend and some benefits to having accounting software in the cloud. EA Sports dropped FIFA 17 this week, which sports a brand-new game engine titled Frostbite. Developed by EA Digital Illusions CE AB, Frostbite is expected to … Read More

G2 Blog Week in Review, Sept. 23, 2016

  Salesforce ventures into the artificial intelligence space; after acquiring and developing a long list of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence technologies they have unveiled Einstein, an AI tool that will be embedded throughout all their clouds. Salesforce will be promoting Einstein heavily at Dreamforce 2016, so stay posted to our blog for more insights. Supply chain management and ERP … Read More

Three possible scenarios where supply chain and ERP technologies come together

Manufacturers and distributors leverage ERP software to manage core areas of their businesses such as financials, production, or sales. However, the more advanced features, required for logistics or warehousing management, are not always available within an ERP system. To address these business needs, ERP and best of breed software vendors offer competing but standard solutions to this business segment of … Read More

Finance and Accounting 101: The Tools Your Business Needs

Getting a handle on your accounting can be daunting for small and mid-size businesses, especially if you don’t have a financial background. But it’s also essential for your business’ health. A lack of understanding of where your money is going can drive your business into the ground quickly. According to small business insurer Hiscox’s 2014 “DNA of an Entrepreneur Report,” … Read More

The changing role of ERP in the business and IT environments

ERP has been a structuring and standardizing agent in business since its inception; a tool which, through automation, would result in higher productivity in the workplace – allowing users to do more with less. Importantly, ERP was very proficient at automating repetitive tasks and reducing, or in some cases, eliminating error. However, ERP’s focus on structuring workplace routines meant that … Read More

How to understand and overcome ERP challenges

Most ERP systems have been around for decades and, consequently, have accumulated a large number of features and functions to support growing business complexities. Highly complex systems such as ERP do not facilitate ongoing vendor innovation and incorporation of new technologies.  That said, even newer ERP systems, designed on new technologies, cannot avoid the inherent complexity that is built within … Read More

How Can Accounting Software Make Businesses More Efficient?

Accounting software programs are business applications that facilitate better financial decision-making. These programs come with a suite of features that document and process account transactions electronically, allowing for more accurate financial record-keeping. Companies use this software to collect, summarize and investigate fiscal data, and to keep important financial records in one place for easy access. Some of the most popular … Read More