Increase Usability With Configuration Management

Managing the configuration of an enterprise’s hardware and software can come with some inherent pain points. Undefined business processes, inconsistency with use and improper setup of configuration management software can set back deployment and operational flow. However, tech leaders, buyers, developers and engineers can all play a key role in improving the usability of configuration management tools by considering a … Read More

Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Infect Your Computer

Warning, artificial intelligence will soon enter your computer and agents will begin automating your work. Does this statement make you nervous? It shouldn’t. The realities of AI are a lot different than what Hollywood has conditioned you to anticipate from the software. First we need to understand that AI is already being incorporated into software. Recently we have seen Salesforce’s … Read More

Cloud Data Integration and Security

Cloud data integration software accumulates data from various applications and stores it in the cloud, providing users with numerous security benefits. Businesses can access and manage this data remotely, across different devices and from any location. Some of the most widely used cloud data integration tools include Zapier, Jitterbit and Dell Boomi. Here are some of the ways this software … Read More

Getting Started Using File Storage Software

Managing media can be a major hassle for many businesses. File storage software is designed to make this task easier by allowing businesses to save their documents, images, videos and other media to a single shared location. The business can then grant or limit access to these files by internal employees or external clients. File storage software brings many benefits … Read More