Databases vs. Data Warehouses

When companies are figuring out how to store their data, one of the questions that arise is whether a data warehouse is necessary. Unfortunately, many people who aren’t IT professionals may not even know what a data warehouse is, or how it differs from a database software. Read on to learn more about databases and data warehouses, and how to … Read More

How to Sync Multiple Databases

Using several databases at the same time can create an issue if the available information does not link to each other. That’s why syncing multiple databases with master data management software is worth knowing. MDM software provides the advantages of empowering enterprises with the ability to connect its customers’ vital information to a master reference file. MDM allows data that … Read More

Why Companies Centralize Business Applications with Single Sign On

Companies and organizations, within their increasingly integrated environments, with multiple digital business applications, face challenging security risks when managing individuals digital identities. This presents a significant management challenge for businesses to the extent that they must ensure that information stored with the various databases is protected and made available only to users with the correct credentials.  This challenge can be … Read More

Should Growing Businesses Change Their Endpoint Protection Software?

Endpoint protection software safeguards a company’s network when employees access it from an endpoint device, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. These programs limit outside threats like viruses and malware, and enable administrators to control access to a computer network. The software provides a lifeline to small and medium enterprises who want to enhance their security in an … Read More