What Is Network Monitoring Software?

Many organizations work from a network that allows personnel to interact with one another efficiently. A network gives users access to files on other users’ computers, saves data to a server or cloud, and backs up computer files and more. It also requires extensive monitoring to make sure it works as intended, and the network must undergo regular maintenance and … Read More

What is Server Virtualization Software?

Server virtualization software helps businesses optimize their server resources. The software divides a physical server into multiple virtual or private servers, so companies don’t have to rely on one single server to carry out a task. Typically, a data center has multiple servers which perform various functions. However, many of these servers remain inactive. Server virtualization software solves this. It … Read More


Mobile device management is software utilized by companies to enhance the security of mobile devices — laptops, smartphones, tablets — used by employees in their organization. This software lets administrators distribute applications and security patches, and push software updates for mobile devices. Two-thirds of companies will adopt mobile device management solutions by 2017. Mobile Device Management Software As more companies … Read More

How Can an Embedded IT Management Suite Improve a Company’s IT Function?

Embedded IT management suite software can recognize all of a company’s devices, reclaim unused software licenses, and integrate IT operations. This type of program ensures that a team is as efficient as possible. An IT management suite can be compared to a power strip to which many computers are connected. The software prevents the devices from getting damaged by outside … Read More

The Four Best Platform as a Service Tools Rated By Their Own Users

200 developers shared what they love (and hate) about the current crop of Platform as a Service tools.   When it comes to researching and purchasing new tools, many developers shy away from returning sales calls and instead select products based on recommendations from their peers. But, with well over 50 products on the market, which Platform as a Service … Read More