What Is CMMS

What Is a CMMS?

CMMS software is designed to streamline maintenance management by tracking maintenance activities on equipment, assets and property. Learn more about this crucial business software here.

GIS Tools With Student Versions

In the age of big data, a lot of information comes with geotags, and finding ways to organize and work with that data is vital. Geographic Information System (GIS) software helps researchers gather, organize, display and analyze geographic data. GIS tools are invaluable to student researchers who are gathering and manipulating geographic data. But because GIS software is an emerging … Read More

The Changing Role for Procurement within Industry – Challenges and Opportunities

The rapid globalization of the world economy, over the last two decades, has dramatically changed the landscape for manufacturing companies all across the United States. For aggressive, leading-edge manufacturers that are ready and able to embrace the changed dynamics of this business environment, the opportunities are boundless. On the other hand, the intense competition that globalization has introduced can and … Read More

Forecast Demand and Shipment Volumes with Transportation Management

Transportation and fleet management software has long been used to forecast demand, shipment volumes and staff requirements. These programs let carriers manage inbound and outbound orders, control inventories, and communicate with drivers at various points in the supply chain. Forty-three percent of logistics managers are using or plan to implement a transportation management system, something that reduces transportation costs and … Read More

How to Monitor Your Field Employees

Coordinating workers in the field can be a major headache for businesses. Even businesses that take the time to plan efficient routes for their field-based employees can face problems when traffic or other delays throw their remote team off schedule. By monitoring employees with field service management software, managers can get a real-time picture of where each person is and … Read More