Benefits of Desktop Publishing Software

Desktop publishing software helps companies create their own high-quality marketing materials. Reports, advertisements and newsletters can be printed on an in-house printer, removing the wait time incurred by engaging a printing company to do the job. This is just one of the many benefits of using desktop publishing software. Consider the additional benefits below before investing in a product. Lower … Read More

Privacy When Using File Storage and Sharing Tools

File storage and sharing software make it easy to save files and access them from anywhere. For teams that collaborate often, these programs limit issues with maintaining too many versions or redundant copies of files. Everyone on the team has access to the same file from a centralized location. Before teams switch to file storage and sharing software, managers may … Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Payroll Software

Payroll software makes it easy for companies to track and automate their payroll processes. Unfortunately, many companies don’t use all the features that their software provides. As a result, they could be wasting time and money managing processes that the software could handle automatically. The following tips can help businesses use their payroll software more effectively. Choose the Right Payroll … Read More

Why It’s Important to Update Your Operating System

Operating system updates range from minor bug fixes to full-scale patches. Many users either ignore these updates or don’t wait for them to download and install properly — something that could pose a significant security risk. Here are just some of the reasons why computer users should update their operating system regularly. Improve Security Many security risks arise because of … Read More

When Is It Time for a Company to Use File Storage Software?

File storage and sharing solutions let companies store and exchange documents securely. This software uploads files to the cloud, and users can access documents from any internet-connected device. Cloud usage has swelled in recent years, with the global cloud market predicted to be worth a hefty $200 billion by 2018. Here are some situations where a company would benefit from … Read More

Bring Your Own Device Mobile Device Management

Many businesses are starting to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in their workplaces. Allowing employees to use their own mobile devices can have many advantages, ranging from cost savings to improved flexibility for employees. However, BYOD policies also open up potential security concerns. To reduce these risks, businesses need to put solid BYOD mobile device management plans in … Read More

How Do Payroll Software Options Work with Mobile Functionality?

These days, just about anything anyone could ever want is accessible via the web. With the advent of mobile-friendly apps, just about every field of business is conducive to being used with a mobile device and specially written applications. Purveyors of payroll software are increasingly offering mobile options for improving access to systems for both employees and managers. This provides … Read More


Productivity is the most important determinant of company growth. But when you are constantly questioning this productivity, it’s difficult to move the dial. Whether you are an executive or practitioner, it’s important to understand the obstacles holding back productivity so you can make the right decisions to continue growth. Chief Marketing Officer at Kimble Application, Mark Robinson, offers insight into … Read More