Managing Business Content

The term “Digital Transformation” means a lot of different things to businesses today. It has to do with technology and the use of technology, sure, but it is also about new ways of operating, new strategies and new ways of creating innovation. The foundation to the digital transformation is the Internet and one of the most important building blocks is … Read More

What Are the Benefits of Implementing a File Storage and Sharing Software Solution?

File sharing and storage software solutions offer many advantages for a company handling large amounts of digital assets. Implementation of one of these systems impacts the way employees interact with files within the organization. In many cases, these changes could reduce barriers between departments and teams, which has the potential for a long-term effect on the company. Easy File Access Every … Read More

Improve on Delivering a Presentation Message?

In today’s business environment, it’s common practice to use presentation software as a means of conveying an idea or message. Whether presenting to one’s superiors, lecturing students in class or trying to sell a product to a client, presentation software’s flexibility is being used by a range of professionals in diverse fields. The fact that many people rely on these … Read More

What Is Data Visualization Software?

Data visualization software helps businesses create visual representations of important data. These representations can include everything from basic charts and graphs to beautiful infographics. Data visualization software is essential for professionals who need to communicate facts and figures to their clients or co-workers in an attractive and engaging way. How Does Data Visualization Software Work? Data visualization software reads data … Read More

How Can Payroll Software Improve a Company’s Payroll Function?

Most smart managers are skilled in many aspects of the businesses they oversee. This includes being able to perform most of the jobs or at least the basic tasks of the various jobs within the company, including payroll. This vital role is time-consuming and requires the utmost accuracy, not only to compensate the employees’ correctly for the hours worked, but … Read More

How Can Team Collaboration Help Growing Companies Improve Operations?

Team collaboration has become increasingly important in the workplace. No matter the industry, the days of secluded cubicles and individual workspaces are largely gone. Today’s employees are often found in working teams to handle both everyday tasks and tackle major enterprise issues. They do this around conference tables and in shared workspaces, but collaboration in the digital sphere is also … Read More

Payroll Web Portals Key to End-User Satisfaction

Companies use payroll software to automate the process of paying their employees. On a basic level, payroll tools ensure that employees are paid on time and in the proper amount. Paychecks are automatically cut and directly deposited into an individual’s bank account. This process, when functioning properly, runs in the background of a worker’s life and requires very little upkeep. … Read More

Tool Belt 2.0 with FSM Software

Believe it or not, we still need humans. Though drone technology and robot dogs get more advanced each year, there’s no replacement for real men and women in customer service and field services. In fact, recent studies report that field-based operations (e.g. home repair, internet installation) are bustling and service departments of IT companies will be primary revenue drivers by … Read More

How Can Expense Management Software Improve a Company’s Operations?

Expense management software can help a company streamline its accounting and reporting procedures. An efficient program can simplify everything from checking compliance with national and state tax regulations to reconciling personal and corporate expenses. Expense management software makes it easier to enter and organize data, plan travel and find information about how to avoid errors and setbacks. Think of expense … Read More

An Integrated Commerce Experience: Salesforce to Acquire Demandware

There’s a lot of good analysis coming out on Salesforce’s announcement last week to acquire Demandware and move into the commerce platform business. If you’re looking for some good reads, try this post by Paul Greenberg or this post from Ray Wang. I don’t intend to rehash what my colleagues have already said quite eloquently, but I do want to … Read More


Today’s business environment requires widespread collaboration. Employees work together in teams encompassing multiple departments, specialties and even external partners. Team collaboration software lets everyone use a centralized, shared platform to stay on track. User reviews of this software category have noted “I’m solving the problem of sharing information within a project and the need to communicate progress in a project … Read More

spring cleaning - software suites

Software Suite: Time to Spring Clean Your Solutions

There’s a reason Marie Kondo is all the rage; most of us can’t seem to get away from clutter. For businesses that clutter can come in the form of extraneous software. As companies grow, many invest in software programs one by one, winding up with a mess of incompatible tools. You might start off by purchasing payroll software and eventually find … Read More

How Team Collaboration Software Benefits Small Businesses

Team collaboration software lets multiple users share and manage documents and work on projects from remote locations. This software can provide a “virtual office” that benefits small businesses which outsource work to third parties and remote staff. This software also expedites cooperation and teamwork. Some of the team collaboration platforms on G2 Crowd with the highest Satisfaction scores include Slack, … Read More