How Expense Management Software Benefits a Small Business

Traditionally, businesses handle employee expenses by having them send receipts and mileage information to an individual within their company, who then adds the information to a spreadsheet and approves or denies expenses. Unfortunately, this system is tedious at best, and can result in the inadvertent wasting of company resources at worst. Expense management software is an alternative that’s easy-to-use, secure … Read More

How Payroll Software Benefits Small Businesses

Small businesses owners may wonder if payroll software is a good expense. After all, if a business only employs a few people, it may be hard to see why payroll software is a good investment. However, a good payroll system is particularly useful for small businesses. Checks and Direct Deposits One of the most straightforward benefits of payroll software is … Read More

What Is Expense Management Software?

Every business, regardless of type, is likely at some point to reimburse its employees for travel or entertainment out-of-pocket expenses. An in-place expense management system is a crucial component to generating smooth reimbursement operations. This system should not only create an easy submission and compensation process, but it will also provide an audit trail that keeps the business in compliance … Read More


Why Is Benefits Administration Software Important for HR Managers? HR managers struggle with the daily task of maintaining employee records. Benefits like health insurance and 401k are all part of these records, and tracking employee eligibility and open enrollment dates are just a few of the tedious tasks HR managers deal with regularly. Benefits administration software keeps track of all … Read More


Web conferencing software facilitates audio and video communication through the internet. A powerful tool for any business, the software lets two or more people exchange information wherever they are in the world. This technology serves multiple functions: Employers can interview job applicants remotely, business owners can converse with clients, and marketers can engage with customers. It’s popular too — 56 … Read More

Feedback Management for the Millennial Workforce

You may not be alone in your search for performance management software suitable for the modern workplace. Six percent of Fortune 500 companies have gotten rid of forced performance rankings or annual performance reviews, according to management research firm CEB, though other research released recently indicates that demand for performance management software remains strong in spite of this trend. In … Read More

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Like the Ring in a Relationship, eSignature Software Represents Trust

In many ways, a successful relationship with your customers is like a successful romance. They want you to notice little details about them. They love it when you do thoughtful things (especially without any prompting). And if they think you’re losing interest, watch out. We asked SignNow, an ESIGNATURE platform by barracuda, how esignature represents the ring in a relationship. … Read More