Mobile Device Management (MDM) – A Mandatory Business Solution

Mobile Device Management software is an administrative function that deals with the comprehensive management of mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops) in the workplace. MDM software facilitates the IT department’s role in establishing a system to monitor, manage, and secure its employees’ mobile devices.  Employee mobile devices are, generally speaking, deployed across multiple mobile service providers and across … Read More

The Changing Role for Procurement within Industry – Challenges and Opportunities

The rapid globalization of the world economy, over the last two decades, has dramatically changed the landscape for manufacturing companies all across the United States. For aggressive, leading-edge manufacturers that are ready and able to embrace the changed dynamics of this business environment, the opportunities are boundless. On the other hand, the intense competition that globalization has introduced can and … Read More

What is Master Data Management and How Does it Work?

Master data management software generates a single point of reference for the management of critical business knowledge. These programs accumulate information from various sources and consolidate this data into a master file, which is then used as the primary resource for all business processes and applications. What is Master Data Management Software? Master data management is costly and labor intensive. … Read More

Who Should Use Governance, Risk & Compliance Tools?

Governance, risk & compliance software helps businesses minimize their liabilities. Not every organization needs to use this type of software, but for many it is essential. Here are some types of organizations that can’t afford not to use GRC software. Healthcare Organizations Organizations that operate inside the healthcare industry have to follow strict regulations to ensure that any patient data … Read More