Federal Government to Streamline Payroll

The US Federal Government, as a part of its shared services mandate, is looking to start round two of its ongoing efforts to improve and consolidate its payroll systems . The original ePayroll initiative dates back to the early 2000’s and moved them from more than 40 payroll systems down to the current five SSP’s. Recently the USSM division of the … Read More

Using Software to Manage Contracts

Contract management software is extremely useful for many business types. Functional uses may include contracts with vendors, licensing agreements for software or intellectual property, or leases on business premises. Without suitable software, the administrative burden of creating, managing and renewing these contracts can be a serious issue for businesses. Contract management software makes handling contracts much easier and reduces the … Read More

Exchanging Documents with Limited Human Input with EDI

Businesses are constantly searching for the best way to make their processes more efficient, thereby saving them valuable money and time. One potential solution, which has been around for decades but continues to see growing adoption, is electronic data interchange (EDI). Today, EDI software is used to exchange a vast range of documents, from invoices and purchase orders to business … Read More

Streamlining the Contracting Process

The contracting process for many businesses includes communications and negotiations with other people in the business, as well as vendors, suppliers, customers and clients. Needless to say, a lot of paperwork is generated. More and more, that paperwork is in electronic form, such as an emailed PDF, but methods such as faxes and postal mail remain common. Few things are … Read More

How Enterprise Content Management Software Helps Companies

Enterprises have an ever-increasing amount of digital content to contend with. Many companies lack systems or processes to manage this data, which can result in operational inefficiencies. Employees can’t find the information they need to do their jobs, critical records could be lost to an ex-employee’s email inbox, and regulatory compliance is difficult to maintain. Enterprise content management software brings … Read More

How Can Project Management Software Improve a Team’s Project Execution?

A business project often requires a team to complete, with each member of the team handling different facets of the project according to his or her strengths, skills and abilities. The best way to achieve optimal efficiency and ensure that the project is completed on time and in an organized fashion is to have all team members working as one … Read More

How Operations Teams Carry the Torch for Success

“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” – Bobby Knight, U.S.A. Men’s Basketball Coach The average spectator of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics may only remember the winners—more specifically, the winning athletes. Those who can jump the highest and lift the most weight are the … Read More

Competing in the Project Management Relay

A perfectly managed product can result in gold and praise, much like swimming’s medley relay. There, four equal legs consisting of differing styles and techniques make up one total race. Similarly, executing each component of a project from planning to presentation can seem hectic, but it all comes together at the end with proper planning and execution. Project management software … Read More

How Project Management Software Can Improve Company Operations

It’s hard to believe now, but it wasn’t that long ago that projects were managed on paper with schedules, timelines and milestones written by hand. Managers put their calendar on the wall and carefully filled it out, but when changes occurred, they were stuck. It took hours or days to update it. Fortunately, those days are over. In today’s fast-paced … Read More

How Can CRM Software Improve a Company’s Sales and Marketing Functions?

Customer relationship management software is a standard addition to a company’s technology stack. About 90 percent of businesses with 11 employees or more use a CRM solution, due to its many benefits. Sales and marketing departments get the biggest boost out of this software category. Marketing Benefits of CRM Software Marketing Automation The marketing team needs to deliver a steady … Read More

Salesforce Acquires Document Collaboration and Productivity Application Quip

Salesforce added another application to its ever-expanding repertoire by acquiring Quip, a cloud-based document creation, collaboration and productivity platform. Quip provides Salesforce with a direct competitor to Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Similar to the latter product, Quip emphasizes team collaboration by providing living documents for multiple team members to work on simultaneously. On top of document and spreadsheet creation, … Read More

3 Ways I Use G2 Crowd to Improve My Own SaaS Product

As the VP of Product at SnapApp, an interactive content creation platform for marketers, part of my job is to gain as much insight into our customer user experience as possible. I do this by reviewing feature uses within our platform, hopping on calls with customers, and regularly meeting with our customer success team. But another really helpful source I … Read More

Continuous Delivery Can Elevate Developer Productivity

Establishing a solid software development process is one of the most critical steps any business can take. An effective workflow will make your good developers great and your great ones exceptional, while a bad workflow will compromise even your best engineer’s productivity. ZeroTurnaround’s 2015 Developer Productivity Report found that three out of four developers’ performance issues affect the end user, … Read More

Tool Belt 2.0 with FSM Software

Believe it or not, we still need humans. Though drone technology and robot dogs get more advanced each year, there’s no replacement for real men and women in customer service and field services. In fact, recent studies report that field-based operations (e.g. home repair, internet installation) are bustling and service departments of IT companies will be primary revenue drivers by … Read More