How Business Intelligence Software Helps Companies Gain Perspective on Their Business Operations

Business intelligence software provides users with a suite of analytics tools that drive sales and generate revenue, among a variety of benefits. This software converts raw, unstructured data into essential knowledge that informs almost every aspect of a business, from sales to product development to human resources. Here’s how these tools help companies get a better perspective of their business. … Read More

Digital Asset Management Software: The Benefits

Digital Asset Management software allows users to organize digital assets (image, video, media files, etc.) into a library that they can easily sort through to locate and share those assets between users. Organization is one of the key reasons users implement DAM systems; another is the ability for DAM solutions to be integrated and implemented into a user’s larger ecosystem … Read More

CRM Software Customer Satisfaction

G2 Crowd’s chief research officer, Michael Fauscette, discusses customer satisfaction in the CRM software market.  Integrating the many functions of the office structure can have a significant impact on customer service, but it is a hefty undertaking.

Data Integration: Cloud and On-Premises Solutions

In a recent G2 Crowd survey (May 2016, N = 347), 62.2 percent of the respondents reported that data integration across multiple platforms was having an impact / high impact on their current business strategy. That answer was a tie for second in the overall survey for impact on strategy, with only improving customer experience scoring higher. As information becomes more … Read More


The collection of software you use as part of your job, also known as your software stack, is comparable to the human body. The main platforms and systems function like the brain, the heart, and other vital organs, and ancillary add-ons or supplemental tools function similarly to the body’s other various parts and appendages. Because we rely on our bodies … Read More

How does Inventory Management work and should I use it? 

  So, you decided to start your business from home, offering individually-wrapped nut-free snacks. As allergy concerns rise, your business skyrockets and you now have orders coming in from private customers, and several retail locations. On top of keeping your product in stock and shipping on time, how do you manage your inventory? Inventory management software can be your saving … Read More

Benefit of Adding PLM Software?

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a framework that businesses use to manage their products. PLM involves managing the product from its initial planning stages right through its development and finally to its retirement. PLM software helps businesses work through each stage of the PLM process. By using PLM software, companies can ensure that all relevant information about the product is … Read More

An Integrated Commerce Experience: Salesforce to Acquire Demandware

There’s a lot of good analysis coming out on Salesforce’s announcement last week to acquire Demandware and move into the commerce platform business. If you’re looking for some good reads, try this post by Paul Greenberg or this post from Ray Wang. I don’t intend to rehash what my colleagues have already said quite eloquently, but I do want to … Read More

5 Productivity Problems and How to Show Them Who’s Boss

The workplace is riddled with distractions that keep you from staying on task and knocking out your to-do list. These time sucks come in many shapes and sizes—anything from the guy who’s walking around the office on his phone to the growing number of emails in your inbox. The workplace is a noisy, busy, distracting place and it’s hard to … Read More

Boosting Business Productivity with E-Signatures

Whether you’re a small business or a big Fortune 500 company, chances are you have experienced the paper problem. Let’s face it: paper slows down a business and its employees. Paper-based processes can lead to errors, are expensive and distract employees from focusing on value-added activities. Today’s organizations need to be agile and are embracing digital-enabling technologies, like e-signatures, to … Read More

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7 Tools to Automate Your Way to Greater Productivity

When you hear the phrase “productivity tools,” calendars and online appointment scheduling might come to mind. These products are great for staying on top of your work, but which tools help reduce your workload?   No matter your role, finding ways to squeeze more into the day is a constant struggle. While software can help pare down your endless to-do … Read More


Digital asset management software is a relatively new entry to the technological market, and a direct response to the explosion of multimedia-driven content in recent years. Digital asset management tools are intended to expand a business’s capabilities when it comes to curating and wrangling with libraries of digital assets, like images, videos and audio. Digital Asset Management Functionality Digital asset … Read More

Productivity or Distraction: Properly Implement Your Team Collaboration Software

Team collaboration tools can be extremely productive for companies of all sizes. These platforms help improve transparency, centralize information, and allow employees to communicate quickly and efficiently. Despite these benefits, team collaboration programs can become a burden or a forgotten tool if they are not properly implemented. Deployment should involve a precise plan of action in order to get the … Read More

How Can Business Content Management Software Improve a Company’s Efficiency?

Business content management systems streamline efficiency and allow companies to manage their data more effectively. The bulk of this software stores data in the cloud, safeguarding valuable information in the event of a power outage or natural disaster. Some of the most popular business content management programs include Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive and SharePoint. Business Content Management Systems … Read More