An Integrated Commerce Experience: Salesforce to Acquire Demandware

There’s a lot of good analysis coming out on Salesforce’s announcement last week to acquire Demandware and move into the commerce platform business. If you’re looking for some good reads, try this post by Paul Greenberg or this post from Ray Wang. I don’t intend to rehash what my colleagues have already said quite eloquently, but I do want to … Read More

Point of Sale Software Vies for Stability

Point of sale (POS) software offers people a new level of convenience when processing electronic transactions in a wide array of locations. However, in a report of more than 150 user reviews of POS software, the most frequently mentioned concern from reviewers was a lack of reliability. Reviewers of nearly every product reported bugs, freezing, or crashing of the software … Read More

Dress Up Your Product with Naked Marketing

You have spent countless hours and dollars ensuring the quality of your product. It is perfectly packaged, the product marketing team is making their work look effortless, and there is nobody the sales team can’t convince. This product seems to be paving the way for the future of your company. Now, imagine that your product is naked in front of … Read More

Boosting Business Productivity with E-Signatures

Whether you’re a small business or a big Fortune 500 company, chances are you have experienced the paper problem. Let’s face it: paper slows down a business and its employees. Paper-based processes can lead to errors, are expensive and distract employees from focusing on value-added activities. Today’s organizations need to be agile and are embracing digital-enabling technologies, like e-signatures, to … Read More

The 20 Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Business

November 2017 Update: For a more up-to-date list of the best email marketing tools for small businesses, check out our 7 best free email marketing tools. When it comes to email marketing software, one size does not fit all. Small businesses need products that help simplify the email creation process, increase audience engagement to help build customer bases, and be … Read More

Spread The Love: Focus on Happiness For Successful Content Marketing

Audiences (especially millennials) have put on blinders to traditional advertising, but internet communities still present marketers a solid opportunity for connecting with their audiences. Between the clickbait headlines and the overabundance of viral articles being shared every day, it’s easy for your message to get lost in the crowd. How are you supposed to shine through the thousands of posts … Read More

Building a Better Sales & Marketing Team With Technology [Infographic]

Technology has transformed the way salespeople and marketers interact with customers and one another. The combination of these two teams provides companies with the tools and structure to deliver the best experience to every customer, every time. Let’s take a look at the added value each piece of software brings to the table when utilized by both teams to perfect … Read More


Sales in any industry is an essential part of company growth. The sales department brings in new business, increases the value of existing customers and nurtures leads through the sales funnel. Quotas make this position competitive by nature, and sales gamification software provides companies with a way of structuring it as a formal competition and incorporating acknowledgment. Typically, these solutions … Read More

How Big Data is Empowering Demand Generation

With today’s tools, everyone from PR gurus to call center employees can tap into the power of their data. One of the 7 Analytics Tools Every Department can benefit from is sales intelligence software and its predictive analytics; ZoomInfo explains more.   There’s no question of how busy sales reps are. Between hunting down new leads, doing research, scheduling calls and trying to meet their … Read More

Eliminate Your Conversion Blind Spot With Call Tracking

Big data has moved beyond the analysts and now is something every department needs to understand. As a High Performer in Call Tracking Software, CallTrackingMetrics shares insight into why Call Tracking software is one of the 7 Analytics Tools Every Department can benefit from. At the dawn of the Internet Age, marketing experts speculated about the death of call centers and the diminished importance of phone … Read More

How Sales Intelligence Software Benefits Small Businesses

Sales intelligence software provides small businesses with insights throughout the customer lifecycle, resulting in valuable analytics for lead generation and sales enablement. Some of the most popular programs include DiscoverOrg, Nimble and InsideView for Sales, all of which help employees connect with prospects at various points in the sales cycle. Here are some of the key benefits of sales intelligence … Read More


Embedded business intelligence software is a suite of data visualization and dashboard reporting tools that have been embedded into business applications. Marketers use embedded business intelligence to gain accurate insights into prospects and clients, and view charts, graphics and data in real time. The software provides organizations with a comprehensive analytics solution for research and development, lead generation and sales … Read More


The sales team is the driving force behind a company’s most important asset: its profits. As the main point of contact for customers, the biggest challenge for any sales team member is the demand on his or her time. When a sales team operates efficiently, the entire company sees a boost, thanks to the surge in revenue. After all, when … Read More


Sales intelligence software is an umbrella term for business applications that help marketers and salespeople generate and nurture leads, engage with customers and clients and stimulate sales. This software provides intelligence solutions for small, medium and large businesses: Marketers collect and collate prospect data (contact information, purchasing histories and online behavior) for more effective sales opportunities. Sales intelligence is different … Read More

CRM Features: Date Better with a Relationship Manager

Yes, it’s that Winter month of 💕love💕again. You can either resign yourself to a typical Sunday of Pretty Little Liars and independence, or you can rev up your Tinder game. Text all those long lost honeys you’ve fallen out of touch with, and reactivate all those profiles that still describe you as “6’3” and “super outdoorsy.” Before long you’re getting … Read More