Tim Handorf at Flip My Funnel, Austin

    Tim Handorf, president of G2 Crowd, grew up in Iowa, where children learned to affiliate with college athletics. They were Iowa State University Cyclones or University of Iowa Hawkeyes from an early age. Handorf expressed it only took one game for him to choose to be a Cyclone – the enthusiasm from the fans was infectious! When speaking … Read More

Negative Reviews: The Keys to Engagement

This may be shocking, so get ready.  Fact:  not all of your customers are happy with their purchase.  And the people considering purchasing your product probably know what your product is good at and not so good at. Research shows that reviews play a key role in a buyer’s selection process. According to an American Lifestyles report, 70 percent of … Read More

Dress Up Your Product with Naked Marketing

You have spent countless hours and dollars ensuring the quality of your product. It is perfectly packaged, the product marketing team is making their work look effortless, and there is nobody the sales team can’t convince. This product seems to be paving the way for the future of your company. Now, imagine that your product is naked in front of … Read More

Why You Need Software Reviews

REVIEW PLATFORMS ARE THE NORM IN MANY LEVELS OF TODAY’S PURCHASING PROCESS. Buyers turn to sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and AngiesList to find reviews and recommendations on restaurants, travel, and services. Today, the software buying process is no different. Here are 5 ways that reviews impact a software buyer’s decision: Reviews create third-party validation. They instill prospects with confidence and evidence … Read More

The World Has Changed: The Digitally-Empowered Customer

Your customers are talking: 48% of buyers change business priorities and purchasing decisions after hearing from peers 95% of B2B professionals trust peers and colleagues above other sources 58% of B2B buyers spend more time researching purchases These figures have caused fear for B2B software providers that their marketing teams to exert control over customer and prospect perceptions. But the … Read More

The positive impact of negative reviews

  Thanks to an abundance of recent research on online customer reviews, B2B companies are starting to embrace reviews as part of their marketing and lead generation efforts. Not surprisingly, many marketers are focused solely on acquiring as many glowing 4- and 5-star reviews as possible. But companies that aren’t paying equal attention to their negative reviews are missing out … Read More

5 lessons B2B companies can learn from online consumer reviews

There has been a lot of research done on correlating consumer behavior and online reviews, which has generated overwhelming evidence that online reviews influence consumer behavior. However, among B2B companies, reviews have not been embraced at the same level they have been within B2C companies. We founded business software review site G2 Crowd with the belief that buyers of B2B … Read More