Supersize User Adoption with Tailored Analytics

Guest post written by Mark Lockwood, Director, Product Marketing at Logi Analytics. Have you heard the latest saying making its way around offices worldwide? “If it can’t be measured, you won’t get budget for it.” This new mentality means everyone is laser-focused on results. Workers who may not have given data a second thought only a year ago are now using analytics … Read More

How Digital Asset Management Software Benefits Small Businesses

If a small business handles its own marketing in house, or if it provides marketing, advertising, video editing or social media management services to clients, then digital asset management software will transform the way that company does business. Digital asset management, sometimes called DAM, helps content managers save, categorize, search for and retrieve assets such as images, videos, audio and … Read More


Small businesses use web content management software to create, manage and distribute digital content on the Internet. These programs provide capabilities for multiple users — staff, management, third parties — to administer content across a range of platforms, such as a company’s website or blog. Here are some of the benefits of web content management programs for small brands and … Read More

What Is Non-Native Database Management System Software?

Generally, a non-native database management system is like a miniature Google created for one company to process its data and make it accessible. Everyone interacts with these systems daily. This type of application maintains and organizes the information needed in large databases to track inventory, process online transactions and even make airline ticket reservations, just to name a few of … Read More


Endpoint security is an increasingly important concern for organizations as more employees are granted network access through endpoints, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart meters and point of sale terminals. Each endpoint — whether corporate-issued or personal — poses a risk to the security of an organization’s systems, networks and data. One way to protect against these risks is … Read More


Data security software prevents valuable data from being accessed by an unauthorized person. This software protects, encrypts and classifies data, and limits the third party from gaining access to a website or database. Businesses use data security software to streamline many of the tasks associated with data protection: data backup, storage management, security compliance and more. This software automates many … Read More


Web content management software is a collection of business applications that lets brands manage, publish and update content on their website. This software allows small, medium and large enterprises to maintain their website without any knowledge of web programming or coding. Users interact with web content management software through a web browser. Web Content Management Systems Web content management tools … Read More


Video editing software is used in post-production to edit video sequences that have been recorded on a camera. This software transforms raw video footage into a highly polished visual narrative: clips are resequenced, the brightness and contrast are adjusted, and audio and visual effects are added. Video editors trim, crop, rotate and apply filters to the original footage to inform, … Read More

Perception vs. Reality in the IT Development Tool Bundle

Our team at G2 Crowd recently released a bundle of reports around seven different categories of development software products.  A variety of data trends were uncovered during this research. However, one trend was evident across these reports; there is a clear preferential divide between using open-source vs. proprietary software. But the level of satisfaction with the products may be in … Read More

The Dev Bundle: 7 Tools That Developers Couldn’t Do Without

Developers have their work cut out for them nowadays as project managers expect more impressive work in less time. These tech professionals have come to rely on tools that save them time on daily tasks, allow them to track changes and collaborate on projects, help deploy prototypes rapidly, and build for the new age of mobile products. G2 Crowd recently … Read More