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AI Digest: Edition XVI

Good Luck Disruptors, Enterprises Have Too Much Data

Disruption is the name of the game, and everyone is trying to take down the industry titans: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. As machine learning becomes ingrained in our business ecosystems, beating the enterprise companies is only going to get harder, as Wired points out. The key to highly successful artificial intelligence is data. Who has more data than those companies mentioned?

So as Google goes all in on its AI development platformTensorFlow, it is able to create industry-crushing tools, such as an AI software that writes local news stories. If it can’t create a tool to win the game, it can certainly buy one, like it did with India’s Halli Labsearlier this week. It also opened a new venture arm set on investing in AI companies, furthering its attempt on AI dominance.

Google is far from alone in this attempt. Microsoft, which believes AI will be a supplement to jobs in the future opposed to a replacement, recently opened a new AI research lab. As these companies continue to leverage their data and build AI solutions, they will actively defend against extinction. Good luck, disruptors.

AI: So Hot Right Now

While enterprises like to make waves in AI news (and crush competitors), they aren’t the only ones in the game. VentureBeat highlighted five AI-driven companies that have gained significant traction so far this year. One example is a fellow review crowdsourcer, Yelp.

“Yelp is using machine learning to facilitate and improve the interactions between customers and businesses. It’s fine-tuned behind the scenes by an AI. 35,000 messages are fed through their machine learning tech. They use data from service companies to find out about geofencing parameters. They extract data about the services as well. Yelp is also using machine learning to weed through content and verify it, making sure that five-star review of an auto repair business is valid.”

For a more thorough look at where AI investors are putting their money, check out this awesome graphic from CB Insights.

When Buzzwords Collide

AI and cybersecurity are two of the hottest buzzwords in the tech world today, but mainly because both are extremely relevant. While they may be used as clickbait, they have the potential to be combined into a $825M company. Darktrace, an AI cybersecurity firm, raised $75M this week and were valued at (you guessed it!) $825M.

According to TechCrunch, “Darktrace is part of the new guard of firms that are built around the concept of using artificial intelligence both to help security specialists identify and stop malicious attacks, as well as act on their own to automatically detect and stop the threats.” With the growing amount of cyber attacks, businesses hope that AI can be the answer to these issues.

Video of the Week

TECH INSIDER – Google’s AI company DeepMind has created an AI that learned to walk, run, jump and climb without any prior guidance. Take a look to check out the AI’s, um, less than ideal form.

Twitter Follow of the Week

Adam Geitgey | Geitgey is a blogger on AI and software engineering topics. His blog is a fantastic resource for those interesting in tutorials surrounding AI. Check him out!

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