Using Reviews to Tell Your Story in New Ways

Our 21st century buying process thrives on third-party testimonials. Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, the media, family, friends, professional contacts and now G2 Crowd are just a few of the growing list of influencers in our modern buying process. Think about it, when was the last time you made a purchase on Overstock without looking at the reviews or having a friend … Read More

It’s Time to Bring Transparency to the PR Agency Marketplace

“We need to find a new PR agency.” This is a statement that any communications or marketing leader dreads to utter, or worse, hear from their boss. As a communication leader, I can tell you that we want to find the right agency fit the first time. If we must go back to the drawing board a second time, fine….but we … Read More

GIS Tools With Student Versions

In the age of big data, a lot of information comes with geotags, and finding ways to organize and work with that data is vital. Geographic Information System (GIS) software helps researchers gather, organize, display and analyze geographic data. GIS tools are invaluable to student researchers who are gathering and manipulating geographic data. But because GIS software is an emerging … Read More

New Functionality Between G2 Crowd and LinkedIn

G2 Crowd is pleased to announce new functionality between our site and LinkedIn. Now you can share the software reviews you have written, those you will write and the ones you find particularly helpful through LinkedIn.  If you think about it, these reviews are a terrific way to showcase your professional knowledge and expertise on your LinkedIn page. We encourage everyone to … Read More

PR Software Market is Plentiful with Opportunity

  Public relations as a function can make an enormous impact on an organization, especially in the realm of image and reputation. Heavily rooted in the concept of “influence”, the PR practitioner is constantly campaigning to leverage messages on behalf of their organization or client. Today these professionals are inherently tied to the internet and digital tools, such as PR … Read More