The collection of software you use as part of your job, also known as your software stack, is comparable to the human body. The main platforms and systems function like the brain, the heart, and other vital organs, and ancillary add-ons or supplemental tools function similarly to the body’s other various parts and appendages. Because we rely on our bodies … Read More

Dress Up Your Product with Naked Marketing

You have spent countless hours and dollars ensuring the quality of your product. It is perfectly packaged, the product marketing team is making their work look effortless, and there is nobody the sales team can’t convince. This product seems to be paving the way for the future of your company. Now, imagine that your product is naked in front of … Read More

The Top 10 Business Resolutions and the Tools You Need for Each

Looking to become a newer, better you this year? Join the club. According to the University of Scranton, 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions regularly, with another 17 percent doing it occasionally.  That’s a lot of promises to go for a 6 a.m. run, give up cupcakes or finally learn Italian. Plenty of businesses spend January thinking about … Read More

What's Your Sales Style?

Become a Sales Guru with Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence Software Fall 2015 Leader, InsideView, shares how anyone on your team can become a sales guru. When you’re informed, you’re confident. When you’re confident, you win. That’s the essence of sales intelligence: it gives you the information you need to win, and it puts it right where you need it, when you need it, whether that’s in your … Read More

The World Has Changed: The Digitally-Empowered Customer

Your customers are talking: 48% of buyers change business priorities and purchasing decisions after hearing from peers 95% of B2B professionals trust peers and colleagues above other sources 58% of B2B buyers spend more time researching purchases These figures have caused fear for B2B software providers that their marketing teams to exert control over customer and prospect perceptions. But the … Read More

September is Brand Advocacy Month at G2 Crowd!

If you don’t have an Advocate Marketing program in place, you may be missing out on some serious customer engagement opportunities. This month at G2 Crowd, we’ll be walking you through how to build your customer base with transparent discussions outside of the four walls you call “work” as we focus on Brand Advocacy. How do you identify brand advocates … Read More

21 Highest Rated Products for SMB [INFOGRAPHIC]

Small Businesses need powerful tools to get more work done with fewer people. Whether the goal is to increase revenue or lower costs, the right software purchase can have a big impact on your bottom line. Check out G2 Crowd’s infographic below to find out which products have the highest satisfaction ratings from SMB professionals just like you! Topping the Summer 2015 list … Read More

G2 Crowd named one of the #CoolestCompanies in Chicago

ChicagoInno has included G2 Crowd in its list of nominees for “Coolest Company” in Chicago. Local companies will be judged based on their submissions which outlined businesses with AMAZING workspaces, outings, happy hours, vacation policies, perks, and people. Winners will be revealed at #ChicagoFest on August 6, but G2 Crowd fans can vote for G2 Crowd to win one of two Reader’s … Read More

Transparency Series: Leverage Transparency to Your Advantage

Read our previous post in the Transparency Series: You’re Already Naked… Embrace It Peer insight is a rising trend. Prospects are now turning to their peers to gain insight into what they can expect of a brand and product–and customers are more than willing to share their experiences. These real customer experiences provide prospects with a transparent view of vendors … Read More

Future of Sales Tech, Up For Grabs

As sales teams push for shorter sales cycles and warmer introductions, companies are continuing to expand their sales technology stack. Sales teams are now able to make contact with the right people and tailor their conversations accordingly. They are able to make thousands of touch points per day and can keep track of each one. Sales teams are now more … Read More