How Business Content Management Fits in Content Management

The world of content expands by the nanosecond. To fill out this ever-expanding ecosystem, replete with eyes hungry for the next piece, businesses are churning out copy in every way, shape and form. This ceaseless flux of topics and new content types creates a need for more writers, and more writers creates a need for more tools to help generate … Read More

How Operations Teams Carry the Torch for Success

“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” – Bobby Knight, U.S.A. Men’s Basketball Coach The average spectator of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics may only remember the winners—more specifically, the winning athletes. Those who can jump the highest and lift the most weight are the … Read More

Use Team Collaboration Tools to Steer Your Company Across The Finish Line

Individual accomplishments should be celebrated; each of us should strive for personal excellence and challenge ourselves with greatness. But team victories, where the glory is shared equally among others, are something truly special. The team collaboration in a sport like Olympic rowing can warm hearts and lift spirits. We can propel a boat faster and smoother when we work together, … Read More

Tool Belt 2.0 with FSM Software

Believe it or not, we still need humans. Though drone technology and robot dogs get more advanced each year, there’s no replacement for real men and women in customer service and field services. In fact, recent studies report that field-based operations (e.g. home repair, internet installation) are bustling and service departments of IT companies will be primary revenue drivers by … Read More

Mobile Marketing in the Age of Nomophobia

It’s only a matter of time until mobile marketing is just known as “marketing.” Barring worldwide intervention, humans are going to spend more time glued to their handhelds. Scientists have even coined the term nomophobia – short for no-mobile-phone-phobia – to describe this ever-growing attachment. Smartphones are the first thing we look at when we wake up and the last … Read More