Completing the Marketing Picture with Pay-per-click Call Tracking Software

The first question asked about marketing efforts is frequently, “How do I justify this?” or “How does this increase revenue?” Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be appealing because of the ease of tracking clicks, bounce rates, marketing funnels, and conversion rates. The imperfect science of other marketing efforts like events and advertisements can make pay-per-click campaigns seem deceptively grounded and trackable. … Read More

Maximize Marketing Results with Call Attribution

The world’s gone digital and your customers are finding out about your services everywhere: Search engines and Google ads; Yelp, FourSquare, and other reviews sites; Facebook and other social networks; flyers and billboards. You’ve ramped up your marketing efforts. Your site is SEO optimized, you’re advertising across all relevant keywords, customers and prospects subscribe to your email newsletters, they follow … Read More

Best Photo Manager for your Business

Every company has media assets. Maybe this consists of a few company logos and some photos from company events. Or, maybe your company has a large catalogue of product photos or a portfolio of previous projects. Organizing substantial collections of photos in a simple file system requires fastidious attention to file hierarchies and naming conventions, and even then, delving into … Read More

A Digital Asset Manager’s Stack

Digital assets are living pieces of company collateral, and a digital asset management system is the middleman between creatives and marketers, developers, and management as well as between a company and the public. We’ve written before on how DAM is like the stomach of the marketing body, because it consumes a variety files and data and in return provides needed … Read More

CRM Features: Date Better with a Relationship Manager

Yes, it’s that Winter month of 💕love💕again. You can either resign yourself to a typical Sunday of Pretty Little Liars and independence, or you can rev up your Tinder game. Text all those long lost honeys you’ve fallen out of touch with, and reactivate all those profiles that still describe you as “6’3” and “super outdoorsy.” Before long you’re getting … Read More

Free Project Management Products and the Users Who Love Them

Some managers don’t have the budget for an expensive project management tool, and some projects just don’t warrant the full functionality of a comprehensive system. The project management software market is expansive, and the number of free options available to managers is considerable as well. From open source software and products still in beta to a large number of tools … Read More

Best Software for Small Businesses to Manage Expenses

Expense management keeps small businesses efficient and focused. The number one thing small businesses need more of? Time. Tracking, organizing, and reviewing business expenses takes a lot of time. And, since small business owners are often improvising on what their business needs in the moment, purchasing business supplies and travel on the fly, and fronting their company out of their … Read More

Best Project Management Software for Small Business

Small business owners have big ideas. With a thousand potential directions and initiatives that could take a small business to the next level, a manager needs to prioritize the most important plans with the highest payoff. And then those plans need to be broken down into actionable tasks and steps. 450 small business users rate their project management tools When G2 … Read More

Keeping Tabs: October 2015

It’s that time when G2 brings you all the important tech resources and newsmakers to your browser. Check out the links below for advice on building a minimum viable product and launching your idea, an inside look at the failed cleaning service, Homejoy, and a smathering of advertising news and advice. As always, funding announcements and buyouts are at the … Read More

best relational database 2015 g2 crowd

Users Unimpressed by RDBMS Roadmaps

Relational database management systems have been the traditional form of structured software storage for decades. In G2 Crowd’s first GridSM Report on Relational Databases, over 300 reviews from database administrators, developers, and users were included to compose a comprehensive audit of the RDBMS market as it stands today. We found that despite the long history of relational database products users are … Read More

best nosql database 2015 g2 crowd

NoSQL Users Struggle to Access their Data

NoSQL databases have become more sophisticated in terms of reliability, performance, ACID-adherence, and scalability in the last half decade since schema-less data models became a popular concept. The various NoSQL models still have decades to go, however, before they can match the longevity of the relational model. Some commentators have declared NoSQL to be a “game-changer” that fundamentally changes the … Read More

Keeping Tabs: August 2015

You know when your browser has so many tabs open, that you can hardly find the X to close them and Chrome sloughs along like a snorlax going the wrong way on an airport moving sidewalk? Every so often I go through and close out of all the extraneous news stories, editorials, infographics, listicles, tips, wikis, and forums, and I’ve … Read More

[VIDEO] A Quick Hobnob with the G2 Crowd Team

What brings together an elite Chicago crew of sports fans, farmers, artists, frisbee enthusiasts, spicy nut chefs, music aficionados, amateur bookies, trivia experts, developers, marketers, and writers? Enterprise software, obviously. If you told one of us three years ago that we’d be working diligently to disrupt the business software purchasing process—well, we’d probably have laughed. And then asked you why … Read More

The CRM Value Grid℠: Users weigh in on which products deliver the most bang for the buck

Two months ago, G2 Crowd released our fourth Grid℠ report on CRM software, analyzing more than 2,500 real user reviews to rank products across 6 satisfaction ratings and 35 product features; the report also includes data on vendor market presence, implementation, user adoption, and ROI. CRM buyers have let us know what a valuable resource the Grid℠ report is during … Read More

How Sales Compensation Software Helps You Sell Better

As anyone who has worked with them knows, incentive programs are hard to scale. A simple percent commission gets the job done for small sales teams, but when multiple locations and currencies come into play, it won’t effectively reward sales pros of varying experience and tenure, or help them prioritize an ever more diversified portfolio of products or contracts. And … Read More