Four Leadership Lessons Learned From My Cross Country Coach

Fall is here, and for me it doesn’t bring back memories of football, the turning of the leaves recalls memories of high school cross country. Many would argue cross country is an individual sport,  and when you have gifted runners the team does well. But why are some cross-country teams consistently strong? I attribute it to the coaching.  And York High School in … Read More

Tim Handorf at Flip My Funnel, Austin

    Tim Handorf, president of G2 Crowd, grew up in Iowa, where children learned to affiliate with college athletics. They were Iowa State University Cyclones or University of Iowa Hawkeyes from an early age. Handorf expressed it only took one game for him to choose to be a Cyclone – the enthusiasm from the fans was infectious! When speaking … Read More

100,000 Verified Reviews – Thank You!

  G2 Crowd was founded four years ago to bring transparency to the world of B2B software. Today we are thrilled to announce that we have received more than 100,000 verified-user reviews! That is amazing! Thank you to every person who has left a review or used G2 Crowd to make a software buying decision! You ARE the Crowd and … Read More

The G2 Crowd Torch is Lighting the Way to B2B Transparency

  In 2012 the world gathered in London to watch the Olympic games and celebrate international competition. That same year, a team of five software professionals gathered to start a new project, bound by the idea of bringing transparency to the B2B marketplace. Four years later we are again watching the Olympic games, this time in Brazil. For our team … Read More

Supersize User Adoption with Tailored Analytics

Guest post written by Mark Lockwood, Director, Product Marketing at Logi Analytics. Have you heard the latest saying making its way around offices worldwide? “If it can’t be measured, you won’t get budget for it.” This new mentality means everyone is laser-focused on results. Workers who may not have given data a second thought only a year ago are now using analytics … Read More

Customer Experience Webinar - Infor

Customer Experience Builds Loyalty. Loyalty Builds Value.

Customer experience is about your customers’ entire journey with your company, product or service over time. When that total experience feels authentic and creates a truly personal, emotional connection, it builds loyalty. And loyalty builds value. Customer loyalty is worth building. Loyal customers spend more money and often provide powerfully effective free word-of-mouth advocacy for your company’s products or services. … Read More

Why You Need Software Reviews

REVIEW PLATFORMS ARE THE NORM IN MANY LEVELS OF TODAY’S PURCHASING PROCESS. Buyers turn to sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and AngiesList to find reviews and recommendations on restaurants, travel, and services. Today, the software buying process is no different. Here are 5 ways that reviews impact a software buyer’s decision: Reviews create third-party validation. They instill prospects with confidence and evidence … Read More