Is there software to help with backing up my business files?


Physical damage. User error. Technology failure.

There are many threats to your business files, so how do you best protect your business data?

Backup software is a failsafe to protect your data and restore information quickly to prevent loss of productivity and even business. It can help you to access complete copies of your company’s information and protect valuable data in the event of a network breach or physical disaster.

Having a backup solution can also increase consumer and employee confidence in your company’s durability.

There are many options for backup software on the market. Solutions vary by amount of information backed up, how the information is kept, where it is kept, how often it is backed up and much more.

You can determine which solutions best fit your needs by considering the following:

  • How much data do you need to back up? Are there multiple devices? How quickly will your data needs increase? You want to make sure you choose a solution that can grow with your company and increase in scalability quickly should the need arise. This will prevent you from having to consider another solution if your company experiences rapid or unexpected growth.
  • How often do you want your data backed up? The options for this vary and depend on how and where you store your data.
  • Do you want a cloud solution or on-premise? There are benefits and drawbacks to both. G2 Crowd can help you understand the differences between these options and more.
  • How are you going to implement the backup software? Do you need in-house IT or third-party implementers? Some vendors will also provide an implementation team. Understand what comes with your solution and the options available.
  • Do you want a backup solution only or are there other technology problems you could solve at the same time? Some backup software have other solutions or can bundle to provide you with a more robust package.
  • How secure is your backup solution? Do you need additional software to secure your data? If so, how do the solutions integrate and what are your long-term needs?
  • Review your budget and choose a solution that fits your needs.

G2 Crowd’s backup software category can help you consider these issues further, then compare market leaders based on verified customer reviews. You can also select products for a detailed backup comparison.

Find the best backup solution to keep your data safe and your business going.