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Top 5 Characteristics of a Brand Advocate

95% of B2B professionals trust peers and colleagues above other sources

New apps, software, and modern business processes add a lot of efficiency to our work lives, and a lot of complexity. Complex business problems often require complicated solutions. For many of us, feature lists and a demo overview just aren’t enough to truly understand how a given solution will actually address our business need.

The world may be digital, but word-of-mouth still rules.

Savvy marketers know that it’s critical to appeal to the logical and emotional. Case studies, testimonials, and real user reviews help connect abstract ideas to real-world success. Your company may have a great reference list, but when you’re ready to shine a light on your customer voices, here are 5 characteristics to look for in potential brand advocates.

  1. Loud: natural born brand advocates share their experiences twice as much as other users.
  2. Informed: advocates are seen as a source of information by their peers and love to share their knowledge.
  3. Connected: you’ll never find them in the corner at a networking event. Advocates enjoy meeting and learning from new connections.
  4. Helpful: advocates aren’t in it for the glory, they genuinely want to be seen as useful.
  5. Proud:  with all their knowledge and expertise, brand advocates are motivated by recognition and value being the information source within their network.

Your biggest fans can be your harshest critics as they gather more information from their professional networks. Think of their feedback as “tough love.” While they’re most likely to be found shouting their love from the rooftops, a great advocate should also openly share their feedback with you. Don’t fear negative feedback; instead know that they care about your brand and are deeply invested in seeing it overcome shortcomings to succeed.

Are you ready to harness the power of real user reviews?

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