What software was used to create Battlefield 1?

The Technology Behind Battlefield 1

“Battlefield 1” was one of the best selling games of 2016, despite only being released in late October, 2016. The game has already sold nearly 2.5 million copies worldwide.

Since the game has received universal critical acclaim, I thought I’d take a deeper look into the technology EA Dice developers used to create such a commercially successful and visually impressive video game.

Here are just a handful of the video game development tools used to create “Battlefield 1.”


Frostbite is a game engine, or game development toolset, built by EA Dice. The first edition was made prior to 2008’s “Battlefield: Bad Company” release. Today, the engine is in its third generation.

It’s been used in hugely popular games like “Star Wars Battlefront,” “FIFA 17,” and every other Battlefield game that’s been developed. “FIFA 17” was the first game in the FIFA series developed with Frostbite and later this year, “Mass Effect: Andromeda” will be the first in its series developed with Frostbite.


Maya is a dynamic 3D animation, modeling, simulation and rendering software that is considered a Leader by G2 Crowd’s Summer 2016 3D Modeling Grid℠ Report.

The tool has been used in countless movies and animations to create a range of lifelike, three-dimensional graphics. “Battlefield 1” developers used Maya in creating its landscapes, ranging from Arabian deserts and Alpine mountainscapes to European cities and war-torn prairies.

Microsoft SQL

MSSQL is less flashy than a game engine and some rendering tools used to make “Battlefield,” but it plays a critical role in storing data and performing analytics.

The relational database also functions as a business intelligence platform used to monitor automation, track changes, assess security and store data backups. It received Leader honors in G2 Crowd’s Fall 2015 Relational Database Grid℠ Report.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau, a Leader in its category as of Winter 2016, is a visual business intelligence platform used by teams to better understand product performance. The drag-and-drop interface makes the platform easily customizable for each team’s individual needs.

Perforce Helix

Perforce is an enterprise-grade version control system used in both outwardly distributed and centralized workflows. Users say the product is incredibly powerful and flexible, but very difficult to grasp when learning.

JIRA & Confluence

JIRA and Confluence are two of the most commonly used bug tracking and team collaboration tools used today. Both are developed by Atlassian and often used side by side as communication, tracking and project management tools.

JIRA won Leader Honors in G2 Crowd’s Summer 2016 Project Management Software Grid℠ while Confluence received Leader honors in the Spring 2016 Team Collaboration Software Grid℠.


ZBrush is a graphic design and 3D modeling application that can be used for mock-ups, sketches and 3D graphics. It received High Performer honors in the Summer 2016 3D Modeling Grid℠ Report.


Mudbox is another 3D modeling tool created by Autodesk, the makers of Maya. Mudbox, though is a more freestyle design tool like ZBrush. It’s used more for modeling than complex 3D animation.

There are many of other technologies and software that went into the creation of “Battlefield 1” and EA DICE’s other games. While some of them are unknown or unavailable to the public, many are commonly used by video game developers and across industries.