Business Process Management as a Service Market Set to Grow

The Business process management (BPM) software is industry is a booming field that’s trying to bring endless functionality to companies through integrations and custom applications. Providers are pairing BPM capabilities with PaaS, IaaS and SaaS products to bring BPM into the cloud.

The field is expected to grow about 40 percent over the next few years. This comes as no surprise, considering companies need flexible solutions to maximize the effectiveness of their business practices. And BPM tools continue to ease communications between IT and other company departments.

These tools can help streamline business processes in two ways: by managing traditional business-process timelines and helping companies build custom applications to streamline workflows.


Most companies have set workflows and processes for all components of their business. At some companies, sales details are reported to managers, price quotes are calculated and accountants manage the financial details. At other companies, inventory needs to be managed, bills need to be collected and customers need to be satisfied.

BPM as a service brings hybrid cloud solutions into the picture to streamline each company’s unique processes. Small or growing companies often have difficulties maximizing the efficiency of their IT Infrastructure.

Aside from infrastructure management, integration options are some of the greatest benefits. Users can use hosted platforms to connect existing tools into their workflow to boost ROI, efficiently manage time and increase time to market.


Streamlining the development process can feel nearly impossible for a lot of product developers and project managers, but managed services can take loads of wasted time and effort out of the equation.

In addition to streamlining existing workflows, BPM tools can utilize rapid application development software methodologies to quickly build practical business solutions with minimal time and effort.

BPM service providers will either produce a product for low-code code development software or simply communicate with companies to build BPM tools for you. Low-code and no-code development software can save tons of time for development teams since the back-end functionality is already provided.

Companies can utilize drag-and-drop application builders to customize interfaces and create forms with ease. Other products allow users to add custom HTML and CSS (sometimes even JavaScript) to produce visually appealing, efficient products.

The variety of BPM products, their capabilities and the industry as a whole continues to grow rapidly. This comes as no surprise since nearly every company requires different solutions depending on their unique business needs and resources.

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