G2 Crowd Comes to Business Services

Five years ago, the G2 Crowd co-founders came together around the idea of bringing transparency to business software buying. More than 190,000 verified reviews later, the business software-buying experience has forever been altered. Thanks to you, our honest reviewers and the 950,000 monthly visitors to our site.

Since the beginning our vision has been to bring transparency to the business marketplace, initially with a focus on software. Along the way, we have learned that the same lack of transparency that exists when a business buys software also exists when a business is seeking a B2B service. We have heard from many of you that you still rely on your network to find and vet services your business is considering. For this reason, we have decided it is time to expand beyond just software and help buyers find the organizations that can start where the software stops.

Businesses need access to transparent information to help with choosing services required to implement software, advise on strategy, consult with change management, as well as, supplementing teams with outsourced service partners. G2 Crowd is ready and excited to extend our platform to provide more value to these buyers. To get started, G2 Crowd has expanded the products you can review on the site by adding more than 200 new services categories and more than 10,000 new products.

We are excited to begin this new journey. To our hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, thank you for bringing our vision to life and thank you for helping us bring transparency to the business software buying experience. This could not have been accomplished without you. We hope you will continue to stay involved and contribute your own reviews of experiences you have had with service providers. And rest assured, as we begin this new endeavor, we will continue to be your go-to destination for real-time, crowdsourced data on software products, and now business services.

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