10 Free Call Tracking Tools to Help Sales Professionals

If Grandma doesn’t answer her phone, you leave a voicemail. If your spouse doesn’t answer, they probably call you back within the hour. But if you are unable to connect with a client or prospective buyer, there’s no telling if or when they will return your call. Considering you make a living through successful communication, it’s not ideal to say “whoopsie daisy” and call again next week.

As a salesperson, it’s your responsibility to book and carry out calls. Without a conversation, there can be no closing. With so much riding on the success of these communications, it would only make sense to deploy a software solution that can boost your calling strategies.

There are many parallels in the ways outbound and inbound call tracking solutions affect business operations. Outbound call tracking solutions allow salespeople to call leads directly from the platform, internally recording notes on the interaction. They are helpful in understanding the timeline of a relationship and knowing when to follow up.

Inbound call tracking solutions help attribute consumers to specific marketing campaigns by providing unique numbers or landing pages. Teams can determine if these leads are qualified and pass them on to sales teams. While inbound call tracking tools are more commonly deployed by marketing teams, their metrics have direct benefits for salespeople.

The following inbound and outbound call tracking solutions each have 10 or more reviews on G2 Crowd, wherein users have provided plenty of data to help you determine if a solution is right for you. The tools included below either have a free version or a free trial, effectively letting you feel a solution out before deciding on one permanently.

Editor’s Note: DialogTech was added to this list as of Jan. 12, 2018, once our team was notified the tool offers a free trial.

Inbound call tracking

CallRail Call Tracking

CallRail has 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2 Crowd with 393 reviews. This inbound call tracking tool functions as an analytics platform, which informs which calls are delivered through marketing campaigns.

“Now we can track all the calls, [and] go over the recordings to do quality assurance of our reps. [W]e can call back and the call will go through the same number we choose. I can even call from my phone,” wrote Manuel C. in their CallRail review.

This tool also allows for form submissions, which helps users develop a contact database of potential leads. It has a leads funnel so contacts retrieved through marketing efforts can be transferred over to sales representatives.


Campaign Tracking, Keyword and Visitor Tracking, Call Recording, Live Call Dashboard, Custom Call Flows, Conversation Intelligence, Google Analytics Integration, Google AdWords Integration, Live Call Monitoring, Custom Logo and Branding, White Label Subdomain and more.

CallRail Pricing

CallRail’s free trial lasts 14 days. The Starter plan is $30/month, the Pro plan is $130/month and the Elite plan is available upon request.


Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Salesforce, Hubspot and more.

Invoca Call Tracking

Invoca‘s profile displays 4.6 out of 5 stars with 199 reviews. Invoca helps marketers understand where phone calls trickle in. This tool helps with call analysis and provides other types of intelligence. It considers itself a voice marketing cloud, helping users answer, engage and connect.

“Our internal tracking system only allows us to pay on leads or sales,” wrote Brittany B. in their Invoca review. “Invoca offers us the ability to pay on a call, or on a hybrid model of call/sale. They have also allowed us to route unqualified calls from one of our brands to the other brand using their bundle feature. Possibly most importantly, they have connected us to a vast array of different types of publishers that need a cost-per-call model to be successful.”

Invoca helps users optimize their digital campaigns and find ways to increase revenue. It also helps companies implement A/B testing strategies and improve on search engine optimization.


Voice Marketing Cloud, Signal AI, Invoca for Performance Marketers, Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure.

Invoca Pricing

Information is not openly available.


Google AdWords, Facebook, Adobe, Salesforce, Instagram.

CallTrackingMetrics Call Tracking

CallTrackingMetric’s profile displays 4.5 out of 5 stars from 310 reviews. This product integrates marketing call tracking with business phone systems and identifies lead-generating channels.

“We run paid advertising for businesses,” wrote Kasim A. in their CallTracking Metrics review. “CTM allows us to track leads, monitor and score lead quality, track conversion data, etc. It is truly invaluable to a well run PPC campaign.”

This product offers form submissions, which allows visitors to submit their contact information straight to the site’s administrators or marketing team. These contacts can be connected with agents almost immediately.

Users recommend those considering CallTrackingMetrics take their time in learning the tool and utilize the call listening features, as they’re helpful for sales training and quality assurance.


Text Messaging, Global Coverage, Agency Account Structures and Reporting, FormReactor, Custom Fields, Caller Insights, Conversion Tracking, Integrations with Top Marketing and Analytics Tools, White Label Options, Custom Billing.

CallTrackingMetrics Pricing

Free 14-day trial. Essentials plan costs $19/month, plus usage.


Top marketing and analytics tools.

PhoneWagon Call Tracking

PhoneWagon is rated 5 out of 5 stars with 16 reviews. PhoneWagon is a call tracking and automation software that claims to not have unnecessary features. It tracks marketing spend and helps you discover which campaigns are developing your quality leads.

“We needed a simple, easy-to-use, toll-free tracking number for a short-term marketing campaign,” wrote Angela A. in their PhoneWagon review. “The monthly pricing suited our needs, and when the campaign is over, we’ll be able to discontinue the number. I need to be able to report the leads generated by phone and PhoneWagon lets me do that right from the home screen.”

Users say PhoneWagon has helped them deliver quicker customer service and remove guessing games from lead generation. It improves understanding of ROI, which, in turn, increases ROI.


Phone Numbers, Dynamic Numbers, Call Tracking, Reporting. Read details here.

PhoneWagon Pricing

Free 14-day trial. Basic plan is $25/month for 500 minutes. Starter plan is $59/month for unlimited usage. Pro plan is $175/month for unlimited usage. Agency plan is $349/month for unlimited usage.


Analytics Platforms, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Zapier and more.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking

ActiveDEMAND has 4.5 out of 5 stars on its profile with 51 reviews. This integrated marketing platform package provides tools for email, landing pages and social content.

“I primarily use ActiveDEMAND as a lead-generation tool,” wrote Jennifer O. in their ActiveDEMAND review. “The business problem ActiveDEMAND is solving is helping to identify sales-ready leads. Through promotion and the built-in lead scoring system, our sales teams receive notifications from ActiveDEMAND when there is a lead that we deem is qualified. ActiveDEMAND makes sales more efficient which means more business gets closed.”

Users find this product intuitive with good template development. They are using this product to garner better business intelligence, as well as execute marketing strategies independently.


Call Tracking Software, Email Marketing Software, Small-Business Marketing Automation, Corporate Marketing Automation, Digital Agency Marketing Automation. Comprehensive list of features available here.

ActiveDEMAND Pricing

Free call tracker for one user. Email Marketer plan is $15/month. Small-Business Marketer plan costs $69/month. Corporate Marketer costs $199/month.


Pipedrive CRM, Olark, AdRoll, Google Analytics, GoToWebinar and more.

DialogTech Call Tracking

DialogTech is an inbound call tracking solution with a G2 Crowd profile displaying 4.3 out of 5 stars and an impressive 250 reviews. This voice management platform markets itself as a solution that helps organizations “generate more phone leads, increase marketing ROI and improve customer experiences.”

DialogTech has been around for just over a decade, helping companies with call attribution, conversation analytics and more. One reviewer lauds DialogTech for its compatibility with Salesforce, saying in their DialogTech review, “This product easily integrates with Salesforce and allows our team to use the DialogTech panel within SF. Call tracking is automatically synced to a record where you can easily track keywords, ads, and access recordings. You can also put the operators in order to answer.”


Keyword Call Tracking, Trackable Phone Numbers, Dynamic Number Insertion, Website Visitor Tracking, Caller Profile Data, Reverse Lookup, Marketing Dashboard, Audience Building, View-Through Attribution, Call Recording & Transcriptions

ActiveDEMAND Pricing

Product offers a free 30-day trial. Other pricing information available upon request.


Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Marin Software, Kenshoo Infinity Suite, IgnitionOne, Acquisio, Salesforce AppExchange, and more.

Outbound call tracking

Sudo Call Tracking

Sudo’s profile shows 4.7 out of 5 stars with 10 reviews. It defines itself as an “artificial intelligence-powered sales assistant.” This AI platform has features to help improve lead acceleration, sales effectiveness and customer success.

“We are capturing far more of our contacts and communications into Salesforce than ever before,” wrote Andrew H. in their Sudo review. “This gives increased transparency into relationships across the firm, and enhances accountability for our business development team.”

Sudo is helping professionals spend less time logging information in Salesforce on a daily basis. It can also analyze communications and remind users when an email is awaiting a response. Users recommend that those considering Sudo should take the time necessary to customize the platform’s features to fit their needs.


Lead Acceleration, Sales Effectiveness, Customer Success, Operations, Data Quality.

Sudo Pricing

Sudo CRM as a standalone product is free. Sudo for Salesforce is $34/user per month. The enterprise plan starts at $49/user per month.


CRMs, Google and Microsoft accounts, Salesforce.

SalesLoft Call Tracking

SalesLoft displays 4.4 out of 5 stars with 340 reviews. SalesLoft is an email tracking tool with integrated sales dialing features. This product informs sales personnel of key interactions such as email opens and responses, allowing them to immediately act on engagement.

“SalesLoft makes prospecting so much easier,” wrote Eric S. in their SalesLoft review. “I’ll regularly pull cold lists to prospect, and with SalesLoft I can create a cadence once, upload my list, and batch send out all the emails. I’ll knock out 200 at a time in a matter of seconds. Setting up the cadences and templates initially is also very easy. Took me maybe 20-25 minutes for a 5-touch cadence. So every few days, the next step rolls around, and I just have to click the ‘send all’ button and everything goes.”

SalesLoft is helping professionals prospect more companies on a daily basis. It also provides helpful dashboards that can analyze patterns such as consumer engagement. Users have one-click dialing from within their applications, and information about the contact or call is stored within SalesLoft.


One-Click Dialing, Context-Aware Updates, Contact Addition, Bridge and VOIP, LocalDial, Persona-Optimized, Custom Caller ID, Call Recording, Notes, Voicemail Drop, Account-Based Sales and Sales Development, Advanced Call Analytics and more.

SalesLoft Pricing

User reviews mention this product offers a free trial version. All pricing details available upon request.


Salesforce, Gmail, Chrome and more.

ToutApp Call Tracking

ToutApp has 4.1 out of 5 stars on its profile with 268 reviews. This product markets itself as a sales communication solution. ToutApp has integrated sales playbooks and automated call logging. It’s designed to take sales reps from the beginning of a prospect relationship to potential closing.

“ToutApp allows me to manage my outbound efforts more efficiently,” wrote Becky D. in their ToutApp review. “I can see in real time who is opening, clicking and engag[ing] with my emails. Analytics are great as well to measure effectiveness of messages. The template section in the tool allows me to share things that are working with my peers around the globe.”

ToutApp offers visibility into communications. Messaging that was previously untracked can now be analyzed and recorded. This helps sales teams understand what’s working and who should be contacted for a follow-up.


Sales Campaigns, Integrated Email and Calendar, Automated Logging, Health Checks, Analytics, Email Tracking, Website Tracking, Document Tracking, High Deliverability Email, Automated Campaigns, Integrated Calendaring, Reports and Insights.

ToutApp Pricing

Product offers a free 14-day trial. The premium plan costs $49/user per month. The enterprise plan is custom tailored to fit your team’s needs.


Gmail, Outlook, Phone Systems, Sales Playbook, Salesforce, Microsoft Exchange, Other CRMs, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar.

Tellwise Call Tracking

Tellwise is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars with 41 reviews. This communication platform makes use of email, chat, calling and presentation. It also provides analytics as to whom is engaging with your content.

“I am able to increase the number of calls I am able to make by utilizing the pre-recorded voicemail feature,” wrote Oliver H. in their Tellwise review. “I can test my messaging to see which format is being best received by my prospects. Tellwise also helps to eliminate the burden of having to manually update my activity to Salesforce, which saves a tremendous amount of time and frees me up to focus on more critical sales tasks.”

Users find Tellwise helps them increase productivity. It also provides templates that simplify email marketing efforts.


Email, Dialer, Instant Messaging, Sales Intelligence.

Tellwise Pricing

Product offers a free trial. Pricing information not immediately available.


Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce.

Kixie Call Tracking

Kixie’s profile displays 4.3 out of 5 stars with 29 reviews. This telephone service and sales dialer integrates with your existing contact databases to make sales calling easier. It features call logging, voicemail drops and one-click dial capabilities.

“I use a simple CRM called Pipedrive which I like, and Kixie integrates with my Chrome browser and with Pipedrive,” wrote Arthur C. in their Kixie review. “Whenever I call a new number, Kixie creates a new prospect record inside Pipedrive. And when I’m using my CRM to call either clients or prospects, a single click and Kixie is at work dialing. It uses my actual cell, so return calls come to the right place. I can send an SMS message. I can drop a pre-recorded voicemail and Kixie is doing the work while I’m already off to the next thing. Saves me time, makes my work easier.”

Kixie is helping businesses organize their follow-up efforts and communicate internationally with localized numbers. Users say this product is bringing teamwide transparency to their sales and prospecting efforts.


Click-to-Call, Voicemail Drop, PowerList Dialer, Lead Caller, Automatic Lifetime Call Recordings, Call Dispositions, Searchable Call History, Call Reporting and Analytics Dashboard, Sales Leaderboard, Automatic Local Presence Dialing, Real Time Call Coaching and more.

Kixie Pricing

Free trial lasts 7 days. Product is $15. Integrated plan is $35. Enterprise system is $65. Read more about pricing.


Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, Prosperworks, HubSpot, insightly and more.

Recap of top call tracking tools

  • CallRail
  • Invoca
  • CallTrackingMetrics
  • PhoneWagon
  • ActiveDEMAND
  • DialogTech
  • Sudo
  • SalesLoft
  • ToutApp
  • Tellwise
  • Kixie

Your business cannot succeed without calls. It’s how you connect with prospects and increase their interest in what you’re selling. With such a dependence on successful communication, it is reasonable to invest in tools that can help your team get there.

To further understand the inbound call tracking and outbound call tracking software markets, visit their respective profile pages on G2 Crowd.

Beyond call tracking tools

Businesses can greatly benefit from using both a quality call tracking tool and a quality CRM. Check out the 10 best free CRM solutions here.

* Please note: Reviews have been edited for spelling and grammar.