Chatbots in the World of Accounting

Many industry analysts consider 2016 the year of the conversational digital assistant. This language technology goes by several names – intelligent virtual assistant, conversational interfaces or just chatbots – but the basic concept is similar: using natural language, achieve a result by conversing with a machine. Chatbots form part of the larger “messaging” universe and represent a new trend in … Read More

Keeping Accounting Data Safe

Accounting data contains some of the most confidential information about a business’s operations and clients. It’s imperative to keep accounting data safe no matter what accounting software a business uses. Use these tips to keep accounting data safe all year round. Have a Contingency Plan Before taking any steps to secure accounting data, it’s important for companies to establish a … Read More

The Importance of Industry Specific Accounting Software

Introduction The last couple of decades have seen a considerable increase in the demand for computer software packages that are designed to meet a specific industry need. Not unlike the subdivision of the labor market, we are entering an era of hyperspecialization. The division of work into smaller tasks performed by more specialized workers has resulted in productivity gains that … Read More