How to Balance Customer Advocacy and Employee Advocacy

Brand advocacy software tends to be focused on either employee advocacy or customer advocacy, although there are a small number of products that provide platforms for both employees and customers. Many companies find themselves focusing on one aspect of advocate marketing or the other when it really shouldn’t be an either/or situation. Companies that care about leveraging their supporters to … Read More

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7 Steps to a Perfect Date with Your Customers

This Valentine’s Day, how will your business say “I love you” to the most important person in your life: your customer? In many ways, a successful relationship with your customers is like a successful romance. They want you to notice little details about them. They love it when you do thoughtful things (especially without any prompting). And if they think … Read More

Brand Advocacy 101

Brand advocates are more reputable than any company on its own. For this reason, businesses have started to prioritize their customer success teams and processes. But why stop there? Brand advocates can be more than just your customers. They can be your business partners, your employees, your friends. What are these groups of people saying to their networks when your … Read More

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Top 5 Characteristics of a Brand Advocate

95% of B2B professionals trust peers and colleagues above other sources New apps, software, and modern business processes add a lot of efficiency to our work lives, and a lot of complexity. Complex business problems often require complicated solutions. For many of us, feature lists and a demo overview just aren’t enough to truly understand how a given solution will actually address … Read More

How To Boost Brand Awareness Through Online Reviews

Inside The Research: How To Boost Brand Awareness And Trust Through Online Advocate Reviews You are a savvy marketer. You know your monthly unique visitors and where your homepage ranks on Google. But do you know how you stack up against your competitors on third-party review sites? G2 Crowd analyzed the behavior of hundreds of thousands of site visitors and … Read More

September is Brand Advocacy Month at G2 Crowd!

If you don’t have an Advocate Marketing program in place, you may be missing out on some serious customer engagement opportunities. This month at G2 Crowd, we’ll be walking you through how to build your customer base with transparent discussions outside of the four walls you call “work” as we focus on Brand Advocacy. How do you identify brand advocates … Read More

Webinar: G2 Crowd and Influitive Talk Online Advocacy

Inside the Research: How to Boost Brand Awareness and Trust Through Online Advocate Reviews Marketers spend a lot of time (and money) trying to get in front of prospects — 85% of whom will turn to online reviews during the buying process. Are you maximizing the value you could be getting from your product listings on G2 Crowd? Join our webinar with Influitive, advocate marketing … Read More