In the big world of Records Management, everyone has some key piece of knowledge to bring to the table. Some people are remarkable at developing a strategy to roll out new technology; others easily learn and become experts with the software and tools used in the field; while others have a deep understanding of the principals of Records and Information … Read More

Managing Business Content

The term “Digital Transformation” means a lot of different things to businesses today. It has to do with technology and the use of technology, sure, but it is also about new ways of operating, new strategies and new ways of creating innovation. The foundation to the digital transformation is the Internet and one of the most important building blocks is … Read More

How Business Content Management Fits in Content Management

The world of content expands by the nanosecond. To fill out this ever-expanding ecosystem, replete with eyes hungry for the next piece, businesses are churning out copy in every way, shape and form. This ceaseless flux of topics and new content types creates a need for more writers, and more writers creates a need for more tools to help generate … Read More

How Can Business Content Management Software Improve a Company’s Efficiency?

Business content management systems streamline efficiency and allow companies to manage their data more effectively. The bulk of this software stores data in the cloud, safeguarding valuable information in the event of a power outage or natural disaster. Some of the most popular business content management programs include Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive and SharePoint. Business Content Management Systems … Read More

How Business Content Management Software Benefits Small Businesses

Business content management software benefits small businesses that want to publish and distribute content across multiple channels. Some of the most popular content management solutions include WordPress — which accounts for 59 percent of content management system market share — SharePoint, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Here are some of the main benefits of this type of software … Read More