Direct Versus Parametric Modeling in the Computer-Aided Design Environment – A Redundant Comparison?

Whether we are talking about large scale design projects or smaller scale product development schemes, the participation of and cooperation between multiple disciplines in all stages of the lifecycle process are seen as critical to the ultimate success or failure of that product/project. The different disciplines each come with their own areas of concern and expertise and the efficient coordination … Read More

Computer-aided design (CAD)- Its Many Functions Beyond Engineering

  Since its early introduction into the marketplace in the late 1960s by French engineer, Pierre Bézier (Arts et Metiers Paris Tech, Renault), Computer-aided Design (CAD) has undergone extensive evolution to its form and function. In today’s marketplace, it is probably safe to say that CAD has become synonymous with high-end technical work in the fields of architecture and engineering. … Read More

Social Media Integration – CAD- Microsoft Dynamics 365 : G2 Crowd Blog Week in Review

Microsoft will release Dynamics 365 on November 1st, which is a product combining CRM and ERP. It also offers artificial intelligence capabilities, keeping up with other enterprise competitors in the intelligent application space.   If you are in marketing or social media management, we released a series of blog post regarding third-party applications integrating with social media products. The products … Read More

A Rough Sketch of General-Purpose CAD Software

Every day around the world, designers of all kinds sit at their computers and open up CAD software programs. With an idea in mind and perhaps a rough sketch on paper, these designers depend on the quick mathematical calculations powering the CAD graphical interface to create detailed 3-D depictions of their projects. CAD can be used to design something as … Read More

10 Free Tools for Your CAD Toolbox

CAD software and related tools can come with a steep price tag. Some companies or individuals may only need a tool for occasional use to supplement software they already have. Small businesses, freelancers, students, or individuals outside the office may not be able to afford expensive products. Fortunately, many CAD-related tools are open source or offer free editions. Take a … Read More