What E-Commerce Software works for my business? 

Your business is ready for online sales, but is it as easy as connecting to a payment system and accepting credit cards? It could be, but it also could include creating an entirely new website, using tools that can track customer information or creating an online catalogue to give customers better product and pricing information. With e-commerce software, the options … Read More

SMBs in E-Commerce: Balancing PCI Compliance and Conversions

Are integrated payment gateways becoming overcomplicated? Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) tend to think so, and they’re migrating to cloud based alternatives because of it. G2 Crowd recently released its first online payment gateways Grid℠ Report exploring the perspectives of e-commerce store owners, developers, and other business-side users. The report is a general survey of user satisfaction across most … Read More

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Four E-Commerce Functions That Improve The Buyer’s Experience

As the B2B e-commerce space continues to expand, companies are finding it more difficult to provide the optimum e-commerce experience to meet buyer needs. Consumers expect personalization and seamlessness throughout the entire buying process. Optimizing these processes, and others, is becoming increasingly important as consumer expectations continue to grow. Based on insights from real users of e-commerce software, here are … Read More

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Recipe for the Best Product Profile

With the holidays underway, it’s time to break out the family cook book. Here’s a G2 Crowd favorite for you to add to the mix. Ingredients 500 Customer Contacts (to yield a minimum of 20 user reviews) 5 Q&As 4 Screenshots 1 Review Snapshot Widget Sprinkle of Pricing Details DIRECTIONS Prep 45 minutes Ready in 2 days Preheat product profile to 100%. Claim product … Read More

The Grocery Store of E-Commerce Tools: Order Management & Fulfillment

Sourcing the best ingredients can be overwhelming. Not sure where to start? Here’s what you need on your e-commerce shopping list: The Butcher: Order Management Work your way around the corner to get to the heart of your meals. At the butcher shop, pork chops, burgers and roasting chickens await. Protein fills you up and keeps you satisfied, making it … Read More

The Grocery Store of E-Commerce Tools

E-commerce sales continue to skyrocket as more people skip going to the store in favor of shopping from the comfort of their couches. According to census data, retail e-commerce sales totaled $87.5 billion in the third quarter of 2015 on a seasonally adjusted basis, a 15.1 percent increase from the same period last year. The right combination of tools that … Read More

The Software Politicians Use to Get Elected

How to Win an Election   The 2008 Presidential election was a turning point for how politicians use technology to manage national campaigns. Many credit President Barack Obama’s use of political campaign software for his election success in both the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections. Early in his first national campaign, President Obama hired several big technology names to head … Read More