How Business Content Management Fits in Content Management

The world of content expands by the nanosecond. To fill out this ever-expanding ecosystem, replete with eyes hungry for the next piece, businesses are churning out copy in every way, shape and form. This ceaseless flux of topics and new content types creates a need for more writers, and more writers creates a need for more tools to help generate … Read More

How Enterprise Content Management Software Helps Companies

Enterprises have an ever-increasing amount of digital content to contend with. Many companies lack systems or processes to manage this data, which can result in operational inefficiencies. Employees can’t find the information they need to do their jobs, critical records could be lost to an ex-employee’s email inbox, and regulatory compliance is difficult to maintain. Enterprise content management software brings … Read More

Research Recap: November 2015

  G2 Crowd released seven reports this month to help businesses research and purchase the best software solutions for their company. In case you missed one, here’s your second chance to view real-time Grid℠ rankings or purchase the full reports. In addition to Grid℠ rankings, company profiles, and user satisfaction ratings, buyers can take advantage of G2 Crowd’s free Buying Assistant. The Buying Assistant will help … Read More

content management for dummies post

Content Management For Dummies

Content Management software is used to organize and maintain content projects from beginning to end. This software allows business professionals to collaborate on, and make adjustments to, these content projects. Content management is important for any company—what matters is the type of CMS that best fits your business. Each of the following CMS subcategories play a different role within content management. Deciding which … Read More

A Dozen Female Tech Leaders: Products Ranked By Customer Satisfaction

A Dozen Leading Women, Their Tech Companies, and Their Products Ranked By Customer Satisfaction G2 Crowd is excited to share customer satisfaction data on 12 female tech leaders in business technology and their companies, in no particular order. Please note: the information on this page reflects data from October 2015. The roles and companies of these female tech leaders, and the … Read More