Improving Customer Relations with Help Desk

Regardless of their industry, business professionals all know that building positive relationships with their customers is the key to success. There are many ways to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty – from delivering a quality product or service and engaging with current and potential clients on social media to serving as a resource of information in your industry. While these … Read More

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7 Steps to a Perfect Date with Your Customers

This Valentine’s Day, how will your business say “I love you” to the most important person in your life: your customer? In many ways, a successful relationship with your customers is like a successful romance. They want you to notice little details about them. They love it when you do thoughtful things (especially without any prompting). And if they think … Read More

Customer service gone social: 4 ways to manage complaints & protect your brand on social media

While many companies have fully embraced social media from a marketing standpoint, social media adoption from a customer service perspective has yet to hit its stride. More and more consumers are turning to social media looking for help. Comcast receives 9,000 tweets in a single week; Southwest Airlines receives an average of 1,000 tweets from customers per day. With 80% … Read More

21 Highest Rated Products for SMB [INFOGRAPHIC]

Small Businesses need powerful tools to get more work done with fewer people. Whether the goal is to increase revenue or lower costs, the right software purchase can have a big impact on your bottom line. Check out G2 Crowd’s infographic below to find out which products have the highest satisfaction ratings from SMB professionals just like you! Topping the Summer 2015 list … Read More

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Some 2014 G2 Crowd Site Highlights

We recently published our first “Best of 2014” award lists. When we did our research for those, we took note of some trends and other stats from around the site. In this post, we list the 10 most viewed product pages and the 10 most searched products on our site, based on a variety of metrics. We also list the … Read More

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G2 Crowd: Best of 2014 Award Winners (Part Two)

For part one of the G2 Crowd Best of 2014 awards, we took a look at some of the top performers on the site across categories. The second part of our awards recognizes the three vendors with the top satisfaction scores in various software categories listed on our site. As was the case for our earlier awards, products needed at least 20 reviews to be … Read More