How Mobile POS Tools Helps Small Businesses

Businesses may find themselves in locations where traditional point of sale (POS) systems are cumbersome or hard to use. Trade shows, festivals and outdoor markets are a few of these places. However, consumers still expect convenient payment methods no matter where they are. Mobile POS software can go where standard POS systems are unable to operate and function on devices … Read More

POS Tools That Work for iPads

POS systems are an essential tool for brick and mortar businesses. It enables cash and credit card transactions and collects customer payment details. Many merchants have swapped bulky cash registers for iPad POS systems in recent years, which accelerate point of sale management. This equipment provides businesses with a remote solution for collecting payments and can be used at trade … Read More

What Is POS Software and How Does It Benefit a Business?

Point of sale (POS) software allows companies to accept payments from customers. Almost all brick-and-mortar businesses use this kind of software, as customers today expect to be able to pay for goods or services using a debit card, credit card or mobile payment. Some point-of-sale software even offers additional features, such as inventory tracking and collecting customer information. Why Use … Read More

Point of Sale Software Vies for Stability

Point of sale (POS) software offers people a new level of convenience when processing electronic transactions in a wide array of locations. However, in a report of more than 150 user reviews of POS software, the most frequently mentioned concern from reviewers was a lack of reliability. Reviewers of nearly every product reported bugs, freezing, or crashing of the software … Read More


Improved point of sale (POS) software has transformed the business world, offering new payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Gone are the days when it was too expensive and complicated for sole proprietors to accept credit and debit cards. With today’s technology, anyone can easily transition to cash-free sales. Millennials Moving to Mobile Payment As more consumers transition to … Read More