The Smarty-Pants: Sales Rep Styles & The Right Tool for Each

Just as you depend on your sales reps, they also depend on you for support, tools and guidance. Providing the right technology to your sales team helps them refine their pitches, learn from company trends and, ultimately, close more deals. The Smarty Pants: Pricing and Proposal Software This data-junky is a force to be reckoned with. A whiz at consultative selling, … Read More

best crm software spring 2015 g2 crowd

Sales Software Overview: 2015 Grid Reports from G2 Crowd

For many companies, Sales Software Begins and Ends with CRM. Customer Relationship Management software has replaced the rolodex by offering features well beyond a database of customer contact information. But there is so much more! Today, sales organizations benefit from automation, opportunity management, campaign tracking, and powerful analytics. So far in 2015, G2 Crowd released 12 Grid℠ Reports relevant to sales teams. … Read More