Using Reviews to Tell Your Story in New Ways

Our 21st century buying process thrives on third-party testimonials. Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, the media, family, friends, professional contacts and now G2 Crowd are just a few of the growing list of influencers in our modern buying process. Think about it, when was the last time you made a purchase on Overstock without looking at the reviews or having a friend … Read More

PR Software Market is Plentiful with Opportunity

  Public relations as a function can make an enormous impact on an organization, especially in the realm of image and reputation. Heavily rooted in the concept of “influence”, the PR practitioner is constantly campaigning to leverage messages on behalf of their organization or client. Today these professionals are inherently tied to the internet and digital tools, such as PR … Read More

Who Tops Chicago Tech: G2 Crowd Chicago Gridscape Winter 2016

We take great pride in being a technology company in Chicago, so we thought it would be interesting to leverage our data to look at how some of the other Windy City tech companies compare based on customer satisfaction scores and market presence. Chicago has seen a new generation of startups thrive as capital and talent continue to pump into the city. It’s no wonder … Read More

Barbara Rozgonyi: G2 Crowd Member Q&A #9

Barbara Rozgonyi, principal at CoryWest Media and founder of Social Media Club Chicago, is the subject of our latest G2 Crowd Member Q&A. An award-winning speaker and consultant, social marketer and PR pro, the Glen Ellyn, Ill. resident has recently shifted her attention to the event marketing space. Visit Barbara’s top 50 PR blog, for more event marketing ideas like … Read More

Steve Radick: G2 Crowd Member Q&A #2

Here’s the latest in our new member Q&A series. This time, we feature Steve Radick, VP, Director of Public Relations at Brunner, a Pittsburgh-based integrated agency. To be considered for future Q&As, post about five to seven reviews on the site, and email marketing-at-g2crowd-dot-com to get the process started. Read the Q&A after the jump.

New business software categories on G2 Crowd: PLM/CAD, virtualization, and more

So far, we’ve been focusing on CRM systems and related business software products on G2 Crowd, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about other types of software. We’ve added several new categories of products to G2 Crowd recently; check them out: Public Relations: This category within CRM: Marketing includes software such as Cision and Vocus that feature journalist databases, news monitoring, … Read More