Key Differences Between Lead, Sales, and Market Intelligence

In pursuing strategic business goals, such as, growing revenue and increasing productivity and profitability, businesses must continually strive to differentiate themselves from the competition. This task is becoming increasingly challenging in a business environment that, in many instances, extends beyond typical state and national boundaries, floods the market with product and business information and places downward pressure on the price … Read More

A Day in the Life: Sales Rep Technology Stack

In our A Day in the Life series, we dig through G2 Crowd reviews to see how real-life users are getting the most out of popular software categories. Sales reps, we feel your pain. With an increasing number of products and channels vying for customers’ attention, prospecting is much tougher than it used to be. According to G2 Crowd’s recent … Read More

How Can Sales Intelligence Software Improve a Company’s Sales?

Sales intelligence programs provide invaluable insights into prospect behavior so brands can better connect with their customers. This software runs the gamut from digital analytics to lead scoring to customer relationship management, but ultimately it serves one purpose: to boost sales. Some of the most widely used sales intelligence tools include Nimble, ZoomInfo and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Sales Intelligence Generates … Read More

Sales Intelligence Software Weaknesses Identified

The ratings in this post, as well as the Summer 2016 Sales Intelligence GridSM Report, are based on reviews submitted by users by April 29, 2016. G2 Crowd updates the ratings on its category pages in real-time as additional data is received. To see the most up-to-date information and data regarding the products mentioned herein, please visit the Sales Intelligence Software category. How do modern salespeople … Read More

Building a Better Sales & Marketing Team With Technology [Infographic]

Technology has transformed the way salespeople and marketers interact with customers and one another. The combination of these two teams provides companies with the tools and structure to deliver the best experience to every customer, every time. Let’s take a look at the added value each piece of software brings to the table when utilized by both teams to perfect … Read More

How Big Data is Empowering Demand Generation

With today’s tools, everyone from PR gurus to call center employees can tap into the power of their data. One of the 7 Analytics Tools Every Department can benefit from is sales intelligence software and its predictive analytics; ZoomInfo explains more.   There’s no question of how busy sales reps are. Between hunting down new leads, doing research, scheduling calls and trying to meet their … Read More

How Sales Intelligence Software Benefits Small Businesses

Sales intelligence software provides small businesses with insights throughout the customer lifecycle, resulting in valuable analytics for lead generation and sales enablement. Some of the most popular programs include DiscoverOrg, Nimble and InsideView for Sales, all of which help employees connect with prospects at various points in the sales cycle. Here are some of the key benefits of sales intelligence … Read More


Sales intelligence software is an umbrella term for business applications that help marketers and salespeople generate and nurture leads, engage with customers and clients and stimulate sales. This software provides intelligence solutions for small, medium and large businesses: Marketers collect and collate prospect data (contact information, purchasing histories and online behavior) for more effective sales opportunities. Sales intelligence is different … Read More

G2 Crowd Best of 2015 User’s Choice Lists

Update: We have released a new version of this list. Check out the software products recognized in our ‘Best Software | 2017‘ lists. Now that 2015 is in the books, let’s look back at the products that achieved “best of” status this past year. How did we build these lists? We dug into our more than 50,000 reviews data set … Read More